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Kantar Media (TNS Media Vietnam)

Kantar Media (TNS Media Vietnam)

Advertising, Monitoring & Evaluation

We enable our clients to make informed decisions on media and marketing strategies by measuring advertising activities by spend, creative, channel and type of media, both on and offline. We provide the media industry with the competitor intelligence to understand their share of voice, shape their campaigns, optimise planning and drive sales. Leading agencies, advertisers and media owners all use our data to create more effective plans, to enhance campaign performance and for alerts about what competitors are doing. Learn more

Audience Measurement

We measure what media people actually consume, to give advertisers, agencies, broadcasters and content owners a true understanding of the merits of individual media and to help them optimise their media strategies. Learn more

Consumer & Audience Targeting

We offer insight into what makes consumers tick, and a deep strategic understanding of the buzz around brands, programmes, products and people. This enables advertisers, agencies and media owners to decide how to identify, target and reach key consumer audiences. We do this with the most comprehensive insights into online and offline behaviour and attitudes, media consumption, product and brand use. We also have highly specialist expertise in understanding both sport and next generation technology to enable audience engagement through their companion screen. Learn more

Insight Solutions

We offer a range of bespoke services to give clients a deeper understanding of all aspects of the relationships consumers have with the media they engage with. This analysis is about informing decision making, not ticking boxes. Learn more

PR Monitoring and Brand Reputation

We give clients a clear picture of how their brand is seen through the eyes of the media and social media. We identify whether their story is getting through, who is covering them (and who isn’t), the hot issues, the risks and what their competitors are up to. That helps businesses to make more informed decisions and to plan more effectively. Learn more

Social Media Intelligence

Our social media services help identify what matters from within the huge volumes of social media content that are created and shared each day. The services are designed around what matters most, to understand what is happening and what it means and to inform better decisions. Learn more

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