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Smarties™ Vietnam 2016: Winning at Mobile, Winning at Business

January, 2017
Education Section: 

The increasing penetration of smartphone in Vietnam presents a wealth of opportunity for marketers to develop impactful mobile campaigns that resonate with their audiences. Kantar Millward Brown partnered with the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) on the 2016 Smarties™ Awards to understand the drivers that separate winning campaigns from the rest.

The analysis of this year’s winning campaigns has shown that an effective mobile campaign demonstrates an understanding of how the audience acts and thinks - and then translates this understanding into the campaign execution. Winners focused on elevating consumer interactions in an experiential way through the use of technologies such as geo-targeting, facial recognition, motion detection and voice recognition. They created useful, fun and rewarding content and cherry picked influencers that resonated with their consumers, delivering relevant and engaging brand stories.

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