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Wednesday, October 13, 2021


DATT 2021: Key learnings from the iOS14+ Privacy Shift and What Digital Marketers Should Prepare For

11:05AM - 11:30 AM ET

Between Google announcing the 2023 official sunsetting of 3rd party cookies in Chrome, and Apple’s limitation on user level tracking in iOS14+, performance marketers are facing new challenges to reach individuals with meaningful, targeted messages – one of the biggest promises of digital marketing. In this session, we will share how the erosion of user-level data continues to shape mobile measurement, which mitigation strategies leading app marketers are adopting (and what mistakes to avoid), and which technologies can help balance the requirements of privacy and data-driven growth.

Sunil Bhagwan, Former Vice President, Strategy, AppsFlyer
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DATT 2021: How AI Advertising will Help Marketers, Publishers, and Consumers Weather the Perfect Storm

11:30 AM - 11:55 AM ET

In an industry facing constant change and upheaval, marketers are dealing with a perfect storm. From disappearing identifiers to changing consumer behavior, new privacy restrictions, and the growing power of walled gardens, weathering the disruption grows more demanding each day. How can marketers’ future-proof their business for what’s to come, while also innovating in the present day? Hear from IBM Watson Advertising’s Grace Murphy (Head of Brand Strategy) and Dave Olesnevich (Head of Product) on how artificial intelligence will help marketers weather this perfect storm and usher in a new era of digital marketing that is privacy-forward, open, transparent, and based on consumer intent.

Grace Murphy, Head of Brand Strategy, The Weather Company
Dave Olesnevich, Head of Product, The Weather Company
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DATT 2021: How Allergan Leverages Location Data to Drive Real Results

12:10PM - 12:35 PM ET

Today, location data powers a deeper understanding of consumers based on the places they go, helps you reach the right people at the right moment at scale, and quantifies the impact of messaging on foot traffic with accuracy. Tomorrow, savvy organizations will unlock their own location data capabilities in-house, elevating consumers’ experiences while also protecting their privacy. In this interactive session, Foursquare’s Ariel Eck and Allergan’s Myles Dacio will discuss how companies are leveraging location data to drive business outcomes, and how this will evolve in the future.

Ariel Segal Eck, Director, Marketing , Foursquare
Myles Dacio, Senior Manager, Marketing, Allergan
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DATT 2021: Future Proofing Customer Centric Marketing in the New Identity Landscape

12:35 PM - 1:05 PM ET

With the ongoing shifts in the “Identity landscape”, marketers are facing significant uncertainty as they prepare for a new digital marketing ecosystem without third-party cookies, and with dozens of new potential ‘identity’ solution replacements. This session will provide perspective on how marketers can effectively navigate these shifts, covering a recap of the Future of Identity debates MMA and BCG have led on this topic over the past several months, with a discussion around the top 3 questions marketers are continuing to ask:
what should I expect the impact of these changes to be for my business, how should I evaluate new ‘identity’ alternatives in the market and what are the 5 actions I can take NOW as a marketer to prepare for the changes still to come.

Lauren Wiener, Managing Director & Partner, BCG
Derek Rodenhausen, Partner, BCG
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DATT 2021: Privacy, Trust & Personalization in a “Cookieless” World

1:05 PM - 1:30PM ET

For years, publishers and advertisers have relied on third-party cookies for tracking, data collection, and ad personalization and targeting. The end of third-party cookies does not mean cookie banners, consent management platforms, or personalization are going away. It does mean that marketers should begin to think outside the box when it comes to remarketing strategies and experiment with other diverse strategies to maximize personalization without relying on third-party cookies. Join this session with OneTrust and Adobe to learn how to deepen customer relationships and enhance experiences through capturing and activating first-party data in a compliant manner.

Zachary Faruque, Offering Analyst, OneTrust PreferenceChoiceTM
Arun Manoharan , Group Product Manager , Adobe
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DATT 2021: Changing the Dialogue: Using a Customer Data-driven Approach Across the Enterprise

1:40 PM - 2:10 PM ET

Connecting siloed customer data from across your organization is not only a game changer for the analytics ecosystem, it changes how leaders across the business value, understand, and engage with their customers. Join us for a discussion on shifting your brand’s perspective on customer-centric change and driving cross-functional use cases built on more complete access to data.

Hilary Fagan, Principal Analyst, Amperity
Sebastian DiGrande, Former EVP of Strategy & Chief Customer Officer, Gap Inc , Founding member of CDPa
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DATT 2021: Breaking through Silos in Cross-platform Measurement

2:10 PM - 2:40 PM ET

The loss of Mobile IDs, tagging and cookies is disrupting the digital advertising landscape, leaving many marketers resigned to siloed measurement. But siloed measurement only tells a partial and inaccurate story when it comes to measuring effectiveness and optimizing ad campaigns. In this session marketers will learn what tools and strategies they can implement to break through silos and provide a true picture of today’s cross-platform consumer, how to move forward in a privacy-centric world with confidence and the risks of not evaluating advertising effectiveness in a complete and integrated way.


Anne Hunter, VP Product Marketing, Disqo
Freddie Liversidge, Global Media Activation Lead, HP Inc


Vassilis Bakopoulos, SVP – Head of Industry Research, MMA
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DATT 2021: Attribution is Hard: Is MTA Worth the Effort?

2:40 PM - 2:58 PM ET

In today’s world, it’s critical to ensure marketing investment delivers outcomes for the brand. However, with changes in the ecosystem, challenges with data management, & organization silos, achieving this goal is harder than ever and marketers are accepting inadequate solutions to make marketing decisions. In this session, we’ll share a sneak preview of research exploring whether future of marketing truly requires MTA in order to build an advanced marketing practice & fully optimize marketing investment.

Marc Vermut, VP, The Knowledge Lab, TransUnion
Vassilis Bakopoulos, SVP – Head of Industry Research, MMA
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