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CTR Market Research (China)

CTR Market Research (China)

CTR Market Research is a joint venture company between CITVC and Kantar Group, committed to introducing advanced technology from abroad tailored to our own experience. We provide our trend analysis and high value-added market insight by way of continuous survey and special customized research, and assist our clients to explore deeper the business environment and employ decision-making on marketing. Our fields of research range from media management, brand and communication strategy to consumer insight. In particular, CTR boasts the authoritative third party position and monetary products in the area of professional research which involves 360° monitoring over marketing and communication, measurement of consumer spending and using behavior, media and consuming behavior, and value appraisal of the media. Moreover, these advantages can be utilized in marketing such as media convergence, customization of audience, smart TV and cross-platform communication.


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This company is not currently participating in any MMA programs.