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Categories & Dues

MMA members include buyers (marketers, agencies, retailers), sellers (media sellers and advertising solutions), enabling technologies, networks and other companies in relevant industry segments. Dues are calculated based on three criteria: Region(s), Organization Type, and Dues Tier.

Regional versus Global Membership

Member companies can join as a Regional Member—North America (NA), Asia Pacific (APAC), Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA) or Latin America (LATAM) or as a Global Member, which grants access to all four MMA regions.

Then Members identify their Organization Type* (see definitions below). Dues are based on the tier your company falls within based on your organization type.

Organization Type*Dues Tier Calculation**
Brand Marketer (Advertiser)Total Ad Spend (annual)
Media SellerTotal Digital Ad Revenue (annual)
Technology EnablerTotal Digital Revenue (annual)
AssociateFlat fee
Academic InstitutionFlat fee
ConsultancyFlat fee


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*Organization Type definitions:

  • Brand Marketer (Advertiser): a company that sells its products directly to consumers and businesses and buys marketing services to achieve its goals. Company must also not fit into any of the other sales definitions.
  • Agency: a company that provides strategic, creative or media buying and related services to marketers
  • Media Seller: a company that creates and/or promotes media and content or brokers the sale and distribution of digital advertising
  • Technology Enabler: a solutions provider offering technology and services that enables and supports digital marketing
  • Start Up: A company with less than 10 employees; only available for North American membership

**Dues Calculation definitions:

  • Total Ad Spend: total annual advertising spend in measured and unmeasured media
  • Gross Billings: gross annual billable sales to your clients
  • Total Digital Ad Revenue: gross annual revenue from digital advertising
  • Total Digital Revenue: gross annual revenue derived from digital