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Chiwu (China)

Chiwu (China)

Reconstructing consumer operations with big data
ChiefClouds, a Chinese DMP + service provider, is committed to helping enterprises build a consumer-centric enterprise strategic big data platform that integrates DMP, CDP, and CRM, and deeply digs the entire life of consumers through the application of rich business scenarios Cycle value, promote sustainable growth of enterprises, and truly realize "reconstruct consumer operations with big data"

The team has been leading the technical service trend of domestic enterprise data management platforms. It has first proposed and implemented the concept of "first party DMP" and gathered top Silicon Valley algorithm scientists, computer software experts, and business marketing from Google, Facebook, eBay, and Sina. Consulting leaders and project management experts, is the preferred professional team that "understands both technology and marketing"


MMA Program Participation

This company is not currently participating in any MMA programs.