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Chicilon Media Information Technology Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Chicilon Media Information Technology Vietnam Joint Stock Company

Founded September 2006 in Ho Chi Minh City with $30 million USD capital investment, Chicilon Media is one of Vietnam’s leading digital media companies, focusing on providing advertising solutions on LCD screens and in-elevator Poster Frames.

Based on an audience-centric approach, Chicilon Media is committed to be a premier provider of out-of-home LED screens and in-elevator poster frame advertising solutions in Vietnam. With its rapid expansion, Chicilon Media currently reaches a market that includes more than 1,200 high-rise buildings, 14 airports, 100 hospitals, 29 public traffic stations, and 34 supermarkets of the Big C network. At present, Chicilon Media’s penetration represent over 70% of all out-of-home LED media sources with 6,000 LED screens and over 60% of all in-elevator poster frame media sources with 6,000 frames.

Media Chicilon system has reached and covered most of the TA’s daily activities, from the time they go to their office work, carry out transactions, go shopping, stay at home, or go on business trip... Every day, there are about 10 million views of a program on our system. This new OOH media channel provides high efficiency with ads being promoted throughout Vietnam.

During 8 years of development, Chicilon Media has always adhered strictly to its business principle: "sincerity creates credibility, integrity creates value", and has always applied that principle in all partnerships with domestic and foreign companies. With the strengths and the characteristic nature of business, Chicilon Media soon confirmed its place in the media field and rose to become one of the leading OOH advertising companies in Vietnam.


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