Sabeco: This Vietnamese Beer Brand Celebrated Provincial Pride for the Tet Holiday


Campaign Summary

Vietnamese beer brand Bia Saigon created individualized packaging to celebrate each of the country's provinces during the celebratory season of Tet. This packaging went on to provide the basis for geo-targeted mobile ads designed to inspire local pride at a time when not everyone was able to travel back home to their native city.



In 2022, Tet, a Vietnamese celebration of spring, was different. Throughout that year, people were unable to travel to their home city because of the pandemic lockdown. So, when traveling restrictions were lifted just before Tet, it created two separate groups of Vietnamese: those who were able to happily meet family and those who still could not travel, leaving them separated from their families and home city and dampening their Tet spirit.

Beer brand Bia Saigon, as a brand that plays an integral part in Tet celebrations and that champions the happiness of Vietnamese citizens, planned to do something that would uplift the celebratory mood among both groups and engender a sense of togetherness.

Bia Saigon wanted to increase consumption of Bia Saigon lager, a brand that had strong affinity across Vietnam down to the provincial levels. The brand planned to accomplish this goal by appealing to a sense of community in provincial Vietnam.

Target Audience:

Vietnam's core drinking audience ranges in age from 30- to 35-years-old; however, given that Tet is a massive celebration, Bia Saigon expanded its audience to 18- to 45-years-old in digital. Fifty-one percent of the effort's target audience were young married men and 34 percent were single, so the brand was targeting a younger audience who were more present on digital channels.

Creative Strategy:

Bia Saigon's overall strategy focused on granular localization done at scale to create a strong emotional connection with the target audience.

A packaging and design innovation formed the fulcrum of the campaign. Sixty-three iconic images reflecting Vietnam's 63 provinces were added to the packaging of Bia Saigon beer cans. This approach immediately created a sense of belonging and triggered a moment of happiness and pride when customers saw their province being represented in packaging on a national level.

Bia Saigon gave its provincial designs far greater reach beyond just the packaging by using dynamic creative optimization to produce creative and relevant messaging for each geo-targeted location — messaging that was precisely distributed through programmatic media and AR to mobile devices.

Clicking on the ads sent traffic to the campaign microsite where a social campaign was launched to create further brand engagement.

The campaign also had an influencer-led strategy whereby fans were encouraged to hunt for limited-edition cans and participate in social activities by scanning the cans.

In summary, what would have otherwise been simply a design concept living only on the packaging of the brand's beer cans was amplified at scale through programmatic media and dynamic creative optimization, giving the campaign mass visibility and reaching the audience in real time through automation.


Bia Saigon used the context of Tet to undertake to a mobile-focused campaign that appealed to regional pride and evoked a sense of togetherness.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Through a dynamic creative optimization (DCO) platform, Bia Saigon input the name of each city, the related hero can design, and specific Tet messages that were relevant for each geo location. Based on the geo location where the ad was to be served, the platform retrieved the relevant can design, relevant city name, and the relevant message to create a real time banner that was distributed through the publisher network to the audience.

After clicking the ad, the user was driven to a microsite for further engagement. The audience was encouraged to choose their city and the can and then use stickers, filters, and text to create a Tet wish message that they could share on social media through Facebook or Zalo. For sharing, users received redeemable gifts.

Cans also had scannable codes that drove the audience to the microsite to engage further.

When users interacted with a video ad that was also deployed, a storefront popped up that, when clicked, drove the user to a marketplace for purchases.

Mobile Execution:

The key tactics of the campaign were based on programmatic media, dynamic creative optimization, and mobile engagement, making mobile a core tool in ensuring scale, relevance, and reach with the campaign.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Bia Saigon Lager's 2022 Tet Campaign became the most successful Tet campaign for the brand in the past five years.

More specifically, the campaign:

  • Achieved a reach of 34 million
  • Garnered 131 million views

As a result, Bia Saigon observed:

  • A 6 percent increase in consideration
  • An 8 percent increase in purchases

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