: JBS Foods Promotes Meal Kits with a Data-Driven Digital Campaign


Campaign Summary

JBS Foods promoted its meal kits with a mobile-heavy digital campaignguided by extremely granular geo-targeting.



According to Pipslay, a global consumer research platform, more than 45 percent of Americans have tried both cook-and-eat and heat-and-eat meal kits in the past year. Moreover, 83 percent of Americans believe these meal kits encourage them to cut down on their restaurant visits. Additionally, value-added meats — those that are pre-cut, marinated, or seasoned — have been growing at a rapid pace over the past three years (seeing over 20 percent growth), outpacing non-value-added meats.

With the rise of in-store options and value-added meats, there are many new competitors looking to grow. Established brands are also looking to maintain and grow their market share.

The flood of new competitors and the rise in consumer demand presented challenges that the AdapTable Meals team proactively sought to solve. Given these challenges, driving sales and gaining mindshare among current and prospective customers was a significant priority from a marketing perspective.

The strategic objective of the AdapTable Meals digital advertising campaign was twofold:

  • Drive awareness of the AdapTable Meals Brand.
  • Grow the sales of AdapTable Meals' at partnering grocers in target markets.

Target Audience:

AdapTable Meals' looked to reach adults ages 25 to 54 who were married or had a partner with one or more kids — with an emphasis on pork and beef consumers who shopped at grocer locations where AdapTable meals were sold.

Creative Strategy:

The media strategy was built in partnership with JBS Foods, Avalanche Media Group, and AdTheorent. AdTheorent took a full-funnel approach to raise awareness and drive in-store sales at JBS AdapTable Meals' grocer locations running a mixture of cross-device display, rich media, and video.

With the goal of promoting awareness specifically in mind, AdTheorent tapped the power of cross-device rich media expandable units and video. AdTheorent's creative division, Studio A\T, developed custom rich media units to drive engagement among potential customers in a highly interactive manner, using an expandable store-location finder with a gallery arrow feature to showcase JBS AdapTable Meal offerings and encourage site traffic in a distinctive way.

Cinemagraphs depicting rising steam were added to images of the marinated beef and pork products to generate increased interest and portray a freshly plated meal. If a consumer was interested in learning more about a particular product, he or she could click out of the unit to find featured AdapTable Meal ideas for dinner.

The creative messaging used in the video assets depicted a family who had little time to prepare a meal, but still craved a fresh and easy option for everyone to enjoy. The visuals showed a cluttered home with the children making the meal, demonstrating the ease of preparation and how AdapTable Meals options led to increased family quality time.

Cross-device display banners were used to drive the lower-funnel action of sales. Educational messaging was used to inform the user about the variety of ways to enjoy the AdapTable Meals products. The user experience became more personalized, as after clicking on a specific flavor or cooking method within the display ad, users were driven to varying landing-page destinations based on their flavor and cooking method preference.


This was the second year of the campaign. The first JBS AdapTable Meals campaign's key objectives were to drive brand awareness as well as encourage visitation to JBS AdapTable Meals' grocers in target markets. The most recent AdapTable Meals campaign's objectives shifted towards an increased emphasis on driving store visitation but primarily sales.

To increase year-over-year sales, AdTheorent leveraged third-party LiveRamp and IRI "Meat Purchasers" segments to increase scale within the defined AdapTable Meal DMAs and zip codes. AdTheorent also targeted customers of competitors using keyword and sitelist targeting (e.g., barbecue enthusiasts and home cooks) to further encourage the users most likely to visit a grocer location where AdapTable Meals was sold.

To drive increased AdapTable Meals purchases, AdThorent built geo-contextual real-time signal models to re-target users who visited a grocery outlet holding AdapTable Meals products to keep the brand top-of-mind during and between grocer trips.

For the first campaign, AdTheorent ran a brand-lift study through Nielsen to measure mobile ad recall of the JBS AdapTable Meals audience. Due to the shift in focus on sales in 2022, AdTheorent ran a sales and household penetration lift study through IRI to measure the positive impact AdTheorent digital advertising had on in-store sales and new household penetration.


Overall Campaign Execution:

AdTheorent utilized advanced machine learning solutions to drive real-world actions for the AdapTable Meals business, employing a three-pronged strategy that focused on driving sales, brand awareness, and consumer engagement using a mix of cross-device display, custom rich media, and video advertising tactics.

Leveraging its machine learning platform and team of data scientists, AdTheorent created custom sales-lift models that were optimized to drive in-store sales and develop custom audience models to reach the consumers within AdapTable Meals' specific geographic and demographic parameters who were most likely to visit an AdapTable Meals grocer location and purchase.

To measure sales lift, AdTheorent ran a digital sales lift study through IRI to determine the impact AdTheorent digital campaign had on penetration and sales for AdapTable Meals. The AdTheorent campaign proved to be successful in driving increased household penetration and in-store sales. The lift in purchase size and frequency through the IRI study further highlighted the positive impact AdTheorent's advanced predictive targeting.

Mobile Execution:

Mobile identifiers and the data available played a vital role in the campaign's overall targeting as well as the creative execution. AdTheorent's location targeting used validated GPS signals derived directly from a consumer's device and could target GPS latitude/longitude data down to five decimal places (providing a three-foot radius of any specific point). This granularity of targeting ensured that the dynamic location data for the JBS AdapTable Meals campaign was extremely precise. AdTheorent stored and continually updated demographic age and gender information across all devices (intercepted from real-time data signals) to ensure that ads were being served within JBS Foods demographic parameters.

The amount of data available on mobile allowed AdTheorent to build custom location models based on the geo-targeting parameters. AdTheorent matched location-based data and ran predictive location targeting to serve ads to audience members who were in certain locations in real time and who had high predictive scores to take JBS AdapTable Meals' desired actions (in-store visits and sales). This approach allowed JBS to reach the right audience within targeting parameters at the right time and at scale. This capability played a critical role in leveraging IRI for a digital sales lift study, ensuring the control and exposure markets and audiences remained siloed in the campaign's efforts to directly correlate AdTheorent's digital campaign effectiveness in driving in-store sales.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign:

  • Generated $776,166 of AdapTable Meal sales during the ten-month campaign flight
  • Accounted for a 169 percent ROAS
  • Achieved a 4.06 percent sales lift and a 3.95 percent lift in household penetration among the exposed group compared to the control

In addition, the campaign's rich media achieved a 32.98 percent engagement rate, outperforming the industry benchmark by 33 percent. The campaign also achieved an 89 percent video-completion rate, outperforming the industry benchmark by 16 percent.

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