Hellman’s: Delivering Inspiration at Point of Sale

Campaign Summary

Hellmann’s wanted to show consumers that its mayonnaise could be more than a condiment; it could be a key ingredient in many delicious family recipes. In order to increase perception about the versatility of its product, the brand leveraged iBeacon technology and partnered with the app Epicurious to deliver recipes at the moments when shoppers were making decisions about what to have for dinner.


Objective and Context:

Hellmann’s objective was to increase its buy rate and encourage usage beyond typical recipes by showing consumers the variety of dishes that can be made with mayonnaise. Hellmann’s has high household penetration and brand awareness, but the brand wanted to show people that the product could be used as more than a condiment: it could also be a culinary ingredient for a delicious family dinner. The overall objective of the campaign was to increase perception about the versatility of the product, which could be tracked and measured through a combination of sales and attitudinal studies.

Target Audience:

The core target was Hellmann’s loyalists, as they already knew and loved the brand. These consumers tended to be women ages 25 to 54 who were the primary grocery shoppers for their families. The audience liked to cook and provide great-tasting dishes for their families to enjoy.

Creative Strategy:

The strategy focused on providing inspiration to the audience during the most critical moments when they were deciding what to make for dinner. Hellmann’s knew that as of 4:00 p.m., 48 percent of people didn’t know what to make for dinner, and often turned to the grocery store for inspiration. The brand wanted to ensure that it reached consumers in the environment when they were looking for dinner ideas, and provide them with simple, delicious, and seasonally appropriate recipes from a trusted source.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The campaign leveraged iBeacon technology through a relationship with InMarket that allowed Hellmann’s to reach consumers directly in the aisle. The technology pushed a notification through the Epicurious food app with a targeted message about dinner recipes. Hellmann’s was able to leverage the insight that consumers turned to their local grocery stores to help solve the dinnertime dilemma and serve them a message that provided a solution as opposed to a traditional brand message.

Mobile Execution:

Mobile accounted for 40 percent of all digital activity for the campaign and was largely based on target audience consumption. The marketing plan included support on TV and digital to drive awareness for consumers prior to visiting the local store, but mobile technology allowed the brand to reach them during the most crucial decision-making time. Hellmann’s partnered with Epicurious to develop the first ever co-branded recipe collection for iBeacon and provide consumers with recipe inspiration from a trusted partner. The experience was designed to be consumer-first, providing them with the recipes they needed during a key time. This positioned the brand as part of the solution.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

This was the first year that Hellmann’s focused a campaign on alternative in-store advertising opportunities. The results were positive, and the campaign effectively communicated that Hellmann’s could be used for a variety of dishes. Engagement with the in-store campaign shattered typical brand benchmarks, with click-through rates over 25 times higher than normal. In conjunction with other marketing activities, Hellmann’s was able to drive awareness of its product as a versatile ingredient by 5 percent. The brand increased its dollar share by near a full percentage point in a $2 billion industry.

Based on engagement rates, Hellmann’s felt it struck a positive chord with consumers. The brand will continue to incorporate more mobile into its media mix based on consumer behavior and success with the platform.

Categories: Location Based | Industries: Food & Beverage | Objectives: Location Based | Awards: Silver Winner