Oreo Vietnam: How Oreo Stays Playful


Campaign Summary

To enhance brand relevancy, Oreo identified four family-orientated micro-passions to inform the production of ads that would resonate with both parents and kids, while amplifying its "Stay Playful" message during the pandemic.



Oreo launched its new equity campaign "Stay Playful" in late 2019 with a focus on building an emotional connection between parents and kids. In Q1 of 2020, as lockdowns became the norm, Oreo wanted to help ensure that families were finding more meaningful ways to spend time with each other.

An opportunity presented itself to further enhance Oreo's brand relevance with consumers by personalizing the Oreo "Stay Playful" campaign by leveraging a broader range of audiences' micro passion points, recognizing that family time can mean very different things to different families. For example, while parents and kids may both be interested in dance as an activity, this can mean parents have an interest in ballet while kids have an interest in hip hop, two very polarizing interests, but within the same family group activity or interest. Hence, to enhance relevancy, Oreo identified a myriad of micro passions to drive higher resonance of its "playfulness" message for both parents and kids.

Target Audience:

While demographically the audiences were defined as millennial parents (25-to-44-year-olds with kids below 10 years old), Oreo went one step further, working with Google and Facebook Insights team to uncover the micro passions segments based on consumer passions, activities, attitudes, and behaviors, focusing on families and family gatherings. The brand also categorized these micro segments across different times of the day to heighten the personalization of the messaging based on when certain activities or passions are likely to occur within households.

Creative Strategy:

Both the media and creative strategy were closely aligned to maximize the audience insights from the two platforms. Oreo identified four micro passions to target to further drive brand relevance — food, dance, music, and entertainment. The media insights were used to inform the creatives messaging, resulting in the development of over 60 assets, created across the four key micro-passion points, including:

  • 10 messaging assets showcasing Oreo in a spectrum of food preparation and enjoyment
  • 18 messaging assets showcasing Oreo in a myriad of music genres
  • 24 messaging assets showcasing Oreo in variety of family-centric entertainment activities
  • 9 messaging assets showcasing Oreo in a diversity of dance routines

Asset delivery aligned to time and viewing behaviors across both Facebook and YouTube. Oreo worked with Facebook and leveraged machine learning to activate targeting and serve creative assets across different micro segments. On YouTube, Oreo worked with Google and activated a Director's Mix placement that essentially leveraged audience contextual and content behaviors as triggers to deliver assets.


Oreo's campaign was an extension of its broad-based equity campaign that was launched in late 2019. The goal was to further drive brand love and sales through more personalized messaging by focusing on family bonding moments.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The "Stay Playful" campaign was executed exclusively on Facebook and YouTube, with 70 percent of the budget delegated to mobile devices. Facebook and YouTube data was extensively used to target the pre-determined audience segments to deliver the personalized creatives through Facebook's interest targeting and YouTube's contextual targeting. Assets were served through YouTube bumpers, feeds, and Instagram and Facebook stories over the course of four weeks. Each creative was mapped to targeting and served at a pre-set time for a truly personalized experience.

Mobile Execution:

With Vietnam being a mobile-first market, the campaign was optimized for mobile devices, with mobile friendly ads being delivered to top platforms including YouTube and Facebook. Frequency of each ad set was capped to expose consumers to multiple tailor made, playful creatives, helping improve the engagement rate among the target audience. Ads were also scheduled for a pre-determined time and set for maximum relevancy to drive conversions.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)


The "Stay Playful" campaign helped deliver higher ad recall and received significant post engagement, including the highest positive responses to date.


The activity was a success with the campaign engaging significantly more consumers than its broad-based equity campaign. Oreo achieved the highest engagement rate score compared with other SEA markets running the activity at the same time. The "Stay Playful" campaign got over 80 million impressions across YouTube and Facebook, reaching nearly 20 million consumers in Vietnam.


  • Engagement rate increased by 18 percent
  • View-through-rate went up by 56 percent
  • Ad Recall saw an uplift of 7.3 percent
  • On YouTube, the campaign achieved the best-in-class on ad recall within FMCG category (7.5 percent)

Market Impact:

This iteration of the "Stay Playful" campaign helped Oreo earn a brand power score of 9/10. The brand was able to stand out in the market, garnering the highest share of voice among Its competitors. Oreo sales in Vietnam increased by 27 percent and broke the distribution record in 2020. It also achieved the highest recorded rise in market share during the campaign period, registering an increase of over 0.8 ppt.

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