OnePlus: OnePlus Diwali Balcony Campaign


Campaign Summary

OnePlus created a Snapchat lens leveraging AR technology to connect with its customers and help them celebrate Diwali during lockdowns.



Through the "Diwali Balcony" campaign, One Plus wanted to create a safe Diwali experience during the pandemic. Positivity and sharing were key thoughts and inspiration for the campaign.

The main challenge faced by the brand was that the audience it was targeting has an extremely short attention span, making it difficult to ensure engagement. The brand decided to explore interactive ad options, as they work more effectively in engaging this age group. As a result, the brand decided to explore AR for creating something different and innovative.

The KPIs for the campaign were brand awareness and audience engagement. To measure the impact against these objectives, the brand analyzed impressions, views, and message awareness.

Target Audience:

The target audience for the campaign were people between 13 and 30 years old of Indian descent worldwide.

Creative Strategy:

OnePlus decided to make use of AR technology using Snapchat to bring Diwali 2020 to life. The brand decided to create a lens with which people could engage and send positive affirmations to their friends and families.


Overall Campaign Execution:

"The Lens" was launched on Snapchat on the day of Diwali and made available to all Snapchatters. The Lens was well received across all age groups on Snapchat. To promote the Lens, the brand launched a branded AV on its digital channels, including YouTube and LinkedIn. The campaign was further amplified with press coverage across all major publications.

Mobile Execution:

The Lens amplified the message of celebration by enabling users to send positive affirmations from their homes. The lens was powered with hand gestures and sky mapping technology to virtually spread good wishes. The lens opened to a sparkly phone screen, a replica of the OnePlus flagship phone. The screen was sprinkled with multiple WISH buttons, ranging from safety and strength to celebration. Snapchatters could choose from a total of eight wishes by clicking on the button, which would then turn to colorful bubbles that exploded in the sky as skyrockets. To activate the firecrackers and Diwali wishes, Snapchatters turned their camera towards the sky and used hand gestures to release colorful bubbles in the sky.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)


OnePlus Technology Co., Ltd., is a leading consumer electronics manufacturer best known for making smartphones and officially serves 34 countries and regions around the world. The company has an extremely engaged community of followers spread over multiple countries and the brand regularly builds campaigns to create one-ness for its followers across the world.


The aim of the campaign was to harness the power of technology and truly bring people together and celebrate Diwali safely. With Over 1.54 percent of saving rate, it resulted in amplification of the lens output beyond the Snapchat environment. The campaign received 5.7 million views, and delivered a nine-point lift in ad awareness and a seven-point lift in message awareness.

Market Impact:

The campaign was a branding effort to improve recall and create a stronger sense of community. The main purpose of the brand for this initiative of creating an AR Lens with Snapchat was to connect with customers and give them a feel of Diwali during the pandemic.

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