Cerveza Victoria: Cerveza Victoria Mother's Day


Campaign Summary

Cerveza Victoria helped sons and daughters mark Mother's Day by enabling them to create celebratory mariachi videos that could be shared on social media.


Objective and Context:

Cerveza Victoria sought to build brand engagement with a highly compelling and viral Mother's Day campaign that offered fans of Cerveza Victoria a way to delight their mothers on the holiday, while at the same time maintaining social distance in keeping with the requirements of the coronavirus pandemic.

Cerveza Victoria built an interactive user experience, complete with an AI-driven, branded virtual assistant and consumer engagement platform. This enabled highly effective natural language interactions with persistent, personalized, messaging-based experiences to optimize the consumer journey. The brand capitalized on Facebook's Messenger with Click to Messenger Ads and the ability to re-engage users through notifications to create multiple personalized videos and easily share the experience with friends and family.

Target Audience:

The target audience for this campaign was Mexican-Americans, ages 21 and up.

Creative Strategy:

Cerveza Victoria developed a Mother's Day campaign that combined an AI-driven, branded virtual assistant (Gregbot), Click to Messenger ads, and a personalized video generator. Through fully-automated conversational engagement in English and Spanish, fans of Victoria beer could build personalized virtual mariachi band videos and send it to their moms for Mother's Day. And who better than Gregorio, the brand's favorite serenader-in-training, to deliver it?


Overall Campaign Execution:

The combination of Click to Messenger ads, an AI-driven branded virtual assistant (Gregbot), and a personalized video generator helped to deliver a highly successful brand engagement campaign. These technologies helped to:

  • Drive deep conversational engagement.
  • Re-engage each user to create multiple personalized videos.
  • Generate significant viral sharing lift from people sending the Messenger experience to friends and family.

Mobile Execution:

This was a mobile-first campaign with a budget of $25,000 that was fully allocated towards Click to Messenger ads, which skews 90 percent mobile. Brand fans could personalize the video via photos on their phone and share them via their contacts on their phone in Messenger.

Cerveza Victoria wanted to ensure a great experience and the robust support for image-capture on mobile devices along with the various native social app sharing experiences that are well integrated on mobile devices. This enabled the brand to provide a highly polished experience from initial engagement through the production of personally tailored videos that could be shared with loved ones, who could in turn be invited to make personalized videos of their own.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign:

  • Generated an engagement rate of 42.4 percent across Cerveza Victoria's Facebook page via drip message re-engagement
  • Created a 25 percent lift from viral sharing as users sent the Messenger experience to friends and family

Moreover, users, on average:

  • Participated in at least three exchanges with the Messenger experience per conversation
  • Had 3.3 conversations with the Messenger experience
  • Sent nearly 10 messages to the Messenger experience

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