Fanta: The Snack Saga


Campaign Summary

Fanta described how it created a voice-controlled game to promote its soda.


Objective and Context:

Fanta's objective was to generate brand awareness and create content for an exclusive content hub. More specifically, Fanta needed to present a cartoon mouth as a new mascot for the brand but in a way that would appeal to a youthful audience who hated advertising.

To meet this challenge, Fanta developed a game to promote its new campaign, which featured The Mouth, a 3D animation voiced by Fernando Mendonça. One of the most important things for the brand was to make the new character look cool and fun and bring moments of joy to the audience.

Target Audience:

The target audience was teenagers and millennials.

Creative Strategy:

Fanta sought to entertain and promote the slogan "Seu Boca Pede Fanta" ("Your mouth asks for Fanta").

The result of its efforts was "A Saga dos Lanchos" (The Snack Saga), a platform game, which is a genre in which the player runs and jumps between platforms and obstacles collecting objects. The game's goal was to eat as many snacks and grab as many Fantas as possible during gameplay. The most striking feature of the game was how the main character was controlled: by voice. The louder a player screamed "FANTA," the higher the mouth would jump.

Fanta took the game to malls and had hundreds of people shouting "FANTA!" resulting in laughs for teens and adults alike.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Fanta's content hub was locked; to have access to the exclusive content, people needed to scan a Fanta can. In addition to the game, other engaging content also lived on the hub.

Mobile Execution:

Since people had to scan a can to have access to the hub, the majority of users came from mobile. People could also play the game on digital screens in specific shopping malls.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign drove brand awareness for Fanta and delivered engaging content to teenagers.

The promotion around Fanta’s content hub began in January 2019 but the mini-game was unlocked on the hub only in May, boosting the visits. By way of illustration, Fanta recorded the following visits by month:

  • January: 9,300
  • February: 5,810
  • March: 14,400
  • April: 279,840
  • May: 413,080 (mini-game content went live on the hub)
  • June: 1,320,000

Categories: Mobile Audio | Industries: Food & Beverage | Objectives: Mobile Audio | Awards: X Silver Winner

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