Samsung: Can’t Stop

Campaign Summary

Samsung wanted to promote its fitness accessories and inspire non-athletes to get active. It created a 30-minute Spotify mix that only played when users were in motion. The company leveraged mobile sensors which pulled data from a phone's accelerometer and GPS to detect whether the user was moving. The "Can't Stop" mix became a trending topic, and 4.1 million people got moving and stayed on Samsung's site for an average of 21 minutes.


Objective and Context:

“Move” is a series of fitness accessories from Samsung that help everyday people stay active. The series includes the Gear Fit2 wristband, Gear IconX wireless ear buds, and Level Active headphones. Samsung wanted to promote its new Move collection and increase awareness by showing how its accessories could be fun and useful for non-athletes who wanted to move and get fit.

Target Audience:

Research by the CDC found that nearly 80 percent of adult Americans don’t get the recommended weekly amounts of exercise. Samsung sought to target average 24- to 34-year-old millennials who were interested in music and culture and wanted to be fit and healthy.

Creative Strategy:

Samsung wanted to position its collection as fitness products that fit individual lifestyles. Whether a person’s interest was running, dancing, or shopping, moving would be easy, fun, and rewarding. Samsung’s creative and media strategy was to help non-athletic millennials move with tangible and relevant motivation.

Samsung partnered with Grammy-winning DJ and producer Diplo to create an exclusive mix for its campaign. To tease the mix, the company hosted a product launch party at Samsung’s headquarters in Manhattan for an audience of more than 2,000 fans. Footage from the party was posted to Samsung’s social media channels, where fans and followers were prompted to download a special mobile app.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Don’t Stop was housed in a mobile web app that used a phone’s GPS and accelerometer to detect movement. The unique technology drove interest in the campaign as well as interest in Samsung’s products. Since this was a mobile-first idea, the majority of support was dedicated to mobile.

Mobile Execution:

Diplo created a 30-minute mix which was hosted in a mobile web app exclusively at The site leveraged mobile technology in a completely new way: mobile sensors pulled data from a phone’s accelerometer and GPS to detect whether the user was moving. Samsung’s mobile strategy was the perfect motivation for millennial culture hounds.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Awareness for Samsung's fitness accessories was low within the fitness category. Following the launch of the campaign, several major retailers began feature its Move collection in store. Diplo's tweet to his two million followers resulted in more than 87 million social impressions. The Can't Stop mix became a trending topic in the 48 hours after launch, and 4.1 million people got moving and stayed on the site for an average of 21 minutes. Close to 20 percent of people moved for 30 minutes to listen to the whole mix. Samsung broke the fitness mold by getting featured on music sites like The Verge and Billboard.

Categories: Mobile Audio | Industries: Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications | Objectives: Mobile Audio | Awards: Gold Winner

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