Sony: SONY 4K Ultra HD TV Launch

Campaign Summary

Knowing that an overwhelming number of consumers first search Amazon before purchasing any electronics product, SONY tapped user reviews and integrated them into its digital advertising. A cross-screen execution explained the new SONY 4K Ultra TV product to consumers while also sparking desire and purchase intent.


Objective and Context:

To launch its new 4K Ultra High Definition TV, SONY’s strategic objectives were to:

  • Build awareness and desire for the new, premium product line
  • Educate consumers about 4K and SONY’s 4K technology
  • Energize consumers to talk about SONY 4K TVs

On average, electronics shoppers read 11 reviews before making purchases. Not all reviews are equal —84 percent of electronics shoppers trust consumer reviews on the most (more than professional reviews). Thirty percent of online buyers started researching their last online purchase on Amazon versus 13 percent that started via search engines.

Marketers conventionally have only used e-commerce as a sales channel. Based on what the above insights revealed, the brand’s e-commerce approach was redefined. It was used to launch 4K TVs where electronic shoppers’ journeys start by creating an experience to spark desire and inspire product advocates.

Target Audience:

The target audience was affluent consumer electronics shoppers nationwide.

Creative Strategy:

SONY’s visually stunning creative was adapted to provide Amazon customers an immersive showroom-like experience with the SONY 4K TV’s cinematic clarity and sound. Amazon activated the experience through Kindle Fire, mobile expandable rich media, first-ever custom video spotlight takeovers of’s homepage, and an 4K educational section featuring SONY placements only.


Mobile Execution:

The cross-screen execution explained the never-before-seen product, sparking desire and purchase intent. The brand believed that if customers purchased a SONY 4K TV, they might voluntarily write reviews that also explained it, perpetuating desire in other electronics shoppers, who trust Amazon customer reviews the most. When the prediction proved true, the brand used customer review ads, which integrated customer reviews directly into its ad units across Amazon’s mobile, tablet, and desktop channels.

Kindle Fire’s wakescreen ad and custom landing page invited brand engagement and reflected SONY’s cinematic creative and the 4K TVs. Mobile expandable rich media provided video and gallery interaction while extending reach to millions of users who exclusively shop from mobile.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

SONY was the first to launch 4K Ultra High Definition TV, which provides four times the resolution of regular HD.

The SONY 4K TV campaign achieved its awareness goal, reaching more than 40 million unique shoppers. Also, it effectively educated shoppers, created advocates, and drove desire. Customers were:

  • 310 percent more likely to research SONY 4K TVs on
  • 260 percent more likely to add SONY 4K TVs to their Amazon wish lists
  • 240 percent more likely to add SONY 4K TVs to their Amazon shopping carts

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