Axe Black: Silent Entertainment

Campaign Summary

When Axe launched Axe Black, an understated fragrance, it invited young Turkish males to “Bring the Quiet.” This approach was unconventional, as young males in Turkey were known to be loud and energetic. By creating exclusive experiences with well-known local bands, Axe was able to grab its target audience’s attention and promote the value of silence, which connected back to the subtle fragrance of Axe Black.


Objective and Context:

Axe launched Axe Black, an understated fragrance, by inviting men to “Bring the Quiet.” The brand’s objective was to show its target audience (often a loud, rambunctious group) that silence was more attractive and fun.

Target Audience:

Axe’s “Silent Entertainment” campaign was targeted at males 20 years old and up.

Creative Strategy:

Axe transformed a building in one of the loudest areas in Istanbul into a music studio, surrounded with soundproof glass. The brand invited well-known bands based in Turkey to perform at the studio. Passersby could only see their favorite groups, unable to hear them. In order to hear the brands, they had to connect their smartphones to Axe Black’s Wi-Fi channel. Once they connected, they were able to hear the performances, request songs, and participate in Q&A sessions with the artists.


Overall Campaign Execution:

To launch Axe Black, an understated fragrance range, Axe developed a global campaign inviting people to ‘bring the quiet.’ This was a non-traditional approach in Turkey, where people both in social life and social media are constantly trying to be heard.

Mobile Execution:

The mobile experience was at the heart of the project, so 40 percent of the budget was allocated to mobile media and technology. Silent Entertainment was a mobile experience that encouraged consumers to leave their mobile phone and social media in “silence” by not posting to social while enjoying the performance.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)


This was Axe Black’s launch campaign. By the second week of the campaign, Axe Black became the most-sold deodorant in the region.


The campaign became Turkey’s most-tweeted outdoor marketing activation:

  • The campaign was trending on Twitter for 186 minutes in total.
  • 2.3 million consumers watched performances.
  • The campaign had a total reach of 6 million.
  • 10,202 minutes of live music was listened to in front of the Silent Window.
  • Axe Black became the most-sold deodorant during the campaign period.
  • Silent Entertainment produced 17 “silent concerts” with approximately 1,000 spectators each.

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