Campaign Summary

How often are women bought a drink? Every time they’re in a bar, right? But how many men would rather opt to buy a drink for a woman while playing Playstation at home or spending time with friends at another bar while watching the big weekend game? RICH Secco answered that question with ease.

Sometimes the inconceivable is just an app away. RICH Secco came up with a revolutionary way for men to meet women as they burn the night and their expensive six-inch high heels to the ground, while the men in Germany scratch what itches, watch who scores (on the field), and laugh at YouTube videos without the hassle.

The RICH B!TCH FRIDGE was introduced to keep the drinks flowing and the party going despite the fact that the men fueling the party weren’t even in attendance.

Strategy and Execution

Breaking the ice is one of the toughest tasks a man is faced with when trying to pick up a woman. Social media has made that chore a lot easier, and new, innovative ways to use social media are popping up almost daily. Breaking the mold is hard to do, but that’s exactly what RICH Secco did.

The RICH B!TCH FRIDGE was introduced into bars and stocked with hundreds of cans of RICH Secco, Germany’s No. 1 canned Prosecco drink, which is sold exclusively in bars and clubs. The fridge, prominently placed in the bar, was equipped with a camera, animated HD screen, and permanent Facebook connection.

The idea was simple: a man could opt to buy a drink for a woman no matter where either of them were. Once a man logged into Facebook, he was then able to buy virtual cans of RICH Secco through Facebook and scan the crowd to see which woman he would share his canned concoction with. When his ideal date walked by the fridge and interacted with it via a mobile app, the fridge would open and supply her with the bubbly drink, but only after she accepted a Facebook connection with the man buying her the drink.

Connections were made and thousands of photos were shared on the RICH Secco Facebook wall, as well as the corresponding couples’ walls.


By using the interactive RICH B!TCH FRIDGE and the compatible apps through Facebook and mobile phones, RICH Secco was able to penetrate the male market. Engagement and recognition of the brand soared.

  • Sales shot up 416 percent through the Facebook app.
  • The fridges, containing 420 cans, had to be restocked after just six hours.
  • Posts and mentions about the promotion reached more than 100,000 Facebook users within one week.
  • Brand appeal increased by 22 percent.

Due to the increased sales and vast popularity, the RICH B!TCH FRIDGE is now being rolled out in premium clubs all over Germany. Talk about kicking it in the can.

Categories: Mobile Apps | Industries: Food, Beverage, Tobacco | Objectives: Use of Mobile Social Media | Awards: Silver Global Winner