Unilever: Unilever’s Jet Fresh Found a Solution to a Consumer Need


Campaign Summary

Yumoş Jet Fresh needed to focus on educating consumers about what the product delivers and how to use it.



The product was developed to answer an unmet pain point — the quest to find a solution on the clothes worn just one time and not get dirty. Unilever knew its target audience consisted of the ones who were trying to find quick solutions in their faced-paced lives, such as university students, single households, and adults with no children. This demographic's media consumption habit was skewed towards more social media usage (Instagram and TikTok) and online video platforms (YouTube).

Target Audience:

The target was consumers under 50 years old with busy lifestyles who want to save time and money and extend the lifetime of their clothes due to less frequent washing. Three groups were identified:

  • Traveling — This is comprised of consumers don't have much opportunity to wash.
  • Summer — This is made up of consumers don't spend much time at home so need a quick solution.
  • Winter — This is made up of consumers who don't want to wash many loads as drying takes longer.

Creative Strategy:

Unilever knew it had to grab consumer attention in the first three seconds when it comes to digital, so it came up with an idea having a "stop and look effect." "Spraying out" and "getting bored" are the same words in Turkey, so the company used this twist at the start of its creative with its iconic bear.


Unilever's mission with the product was to help people's clothes live their best lives for longer as clothes help people express their unique personalities. With its vision of becoming the ultimate cloth care brand, the company provided fiber care, softness, and ultimate freshness with its range of products. Yet the company set out to launch a spray to meet an unmet pain point: solving the dilemma of to wash or not to wash, re-wear or not to re-wear for clothes. Thus, the company introduced Yumoş Jet Fresh sprays into the Turkey market, which freshens clothes without washing.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Although its mobile usage rate in Jetfresh and Ayılı Sokak varies based on the platform, the campaign execution was digital-first, and was estimated to be 90 percent mobile and tablet and 10 percent desktop.

Mobile Execution:

The company focused on digital, in-store, ecommerce, OOH, and sampling, Influencers were used to simultaneously drive buzz, conversation, and trial. Unilever went beyond the category conventions:

  • Unilever leveraged stories, polls, posts, and reels — focusing on deep expansion in touch points to engage consumers with connected content. Digital plan was meticulously crafted with best-in-class assets.
  • The brand leveraged TikTok to show the ad, reaching 14 million unique people and 45 million impressions and 1 million clicks which were directed to ecommerce links.
  • Increased uplift in ad recall by 7.59 percent and brand awareness by 2.68 percent above the benchmark.
  • Sent samples to 5,000 users and 94 percent of those who tried Jetfresh were satisfied.
  • Created an influencer campaign with educational and creative assets. Its influencer campaign hit the Unilever record with 41 influencers, reaching 110 million people, garnering 123 million impressions, and 805,000 engagements.
  • YouTube garnered 3.6 million views.
  • Created an integration on Masterchef with three chefs, which redirected to ecommerce retailer Getir. Sales jumped on Getir and reached 2.8 million people.
  • In media results in four months garnered 740 million impressions, 71 million views.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The company:

  • In the first two weeks after going live with its campaign, Jetfresh became the most searched Unilever home care product on e-commerce sites.
  • With Turkey's most used and largest ecommerce platform, Jetfresh achieved 208,000 favorites in three months cumulatively, making it the second most favorite product of all Unilever products, and the best-selling Unilever product on the same platform in July.
  • Two weeks after the company started running its ad, Unilever achieved an 86 percent increase in brand word searches and a 139 percent increase in product word searches on Google.
  • On Turkey's most used and largest ecommerce platform, Jetfresh has 10,000 reviews with a score 4.8 out of 5.

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