Ultima: Ultima Fuels Small-Dog Vitality with a Soccer Match


Campaign Summary

Ultima used LED panels on the sidelines of a Serie A soccer match to create an immersive experience of a small dog chasing a ball in real-time. This execution turned a passive advertising medium into an interactive spectacle and captivated both stadium-goers and television audiences. The campaign effectively conveyed the message that Ultima's specialized product, Ultima Mini, offers tailored nutrition for small dogs, resulting in market impact and recognition.



Ultima is a premium pet food brand available in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and France. The brand offers a specialized range called Ultima Mini for dogs weighing below 10kg, formulated to provide them with the ideal balance of nutrients and energy. The goal was to raise awareness about the significant impact of proper nutrition on the vitality and playfulness of small dogs in an innovative and enjoyable manner.

Target Audience:

The target audience comprised small dog owners in Italy who find joy in observing their pets play, prioritize their pets' health and well-being, and seek entertainment.

Creative Strategy:

Small dogs are cherished for their vitality, energy, and playful nature. However, it is essential to ensure they receive a diet tailored to their size, as the nutritional needs of smaller dogs differ from those of larger breeds. When small dogs are healthy and well-fed, they have the energy to express their vitality, and one of their favorite activities is chasing balls.

Italian small dog owners exhibit a strong affinity for live sports events, particularly soccer. They have a higher interest in sports compared to the general population (9 percent above average in stadiums and 6 percent above average on TV, according to Hoda Wekosmos). Additionally, pet owners pay close attention to sponsors displayed on sideline LED panels or billboards (15 percent above average, according to Hoda Wekosmos). Leveraging this insight, the campaign aimed to establish a connection between the Ultima brand and soccer, creating a meaningful experience for the target audience.


This approach represented a novel and unique endeavor for the Ultima brand, marking its inaugural appearance during a soccer game.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Technology played a pivotal role in achieving the campaign's objectives. Typically, soccer fans perceive the ads on sideline LED panels as a constant and uninteresting backdrop during matches. However, by harnessing technology, the campaign transformed this conventional media placement into a captivating live show within the game itself.

Mobile Execution:

The campaign involved simulating a small dog chasing an exceptionally fast and relentless ball through animated sequences displayed on the LED panels located on the sides of the soccer field. The communication was seamlessly integrated with the gameplay to ensure that it captured the attention of supporters.

The campaign took a passive medium and converted it into a humorous and real-time experience that soccer fans had never witnessed before. Throughout the 90-minute Italian Serie A soccer match between Empoli and Spezia on Saturday, April 9, the 105-meter-long sideline LED panels at Stadium Carlo Castellani showcased a 3D-animated Jack Russell Terrier tirelessly chasing the ball in real-time. The panels also featured messaging for Ultima Mini, highlighting the brand's offerings for small dogs full of energy. By keeping the animation software active throughout the entire game, the small dog appeared even during airtime allocated to other brands, generating additional visibility.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Through this campaign, the brand aimed to emphasize the importance of a specialized diet for small dogs and showcase its product, Ultima Mini. By transforming a traditionally static and brand-focused medium into a live show within the game, the campaign successfully engaged the 10,000-person stadium crowd and reached 320,000 viewers at home. This innovative use of traditional media, such as billboards on a soccer field, turned a typically mundane experience into a real-time, entertaining, and meaningful interaction for the target audience.

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