BIA Saigon (SABECO): Bai Saigon Launched a Limited-Edition Pack to Reinforce its Vietnamese Roots


Campaign Summary

Bia Saigon created a 63-pack of beer, representing 63 Vietnamese provinces, to reinforce its position as a Vietnamese company. Launched in time to celebrate Tết, each can in the pack featured art unique to each province.



Bia Saigon faced a crisis after the company was sold to China: Vietnamese consumers no longer perceived the company as a Vietnamese brand, significantly impacting brand image, equity, and sales. Local retailers were rejecting the brand, and many Vietnamese drinkers weren't buying the brand's beer. The 146-year heritage built in Vietnam was jeopardized. Bia Saigon wanted to get back its credentials as a Vietnamese beer brand. To this end, the brand created a campaign with two main objectives:

  • Building back brand awareness and consideration against international players — Tiger and Heinenken.
  • Gain back brand love and grow penetration for Bia Saigon overall as a brand.

Target Audience:

Bia Saigon's target audience was spread out across 63 provinces in Vietnam. They are mainly 25 to 35 years old. They embrace Vietnamese culture and values and trust brands that help them celebrate their pride. They've been loyal Bia Saigon customers, especially with respect to Bia Saigon Lager (BSG Lager). Learning that Bia Saigon was sold to China was truly a shock to them, leading them to boycott the brand.

Creative Strategy:

Bia Saigon decided to demonstrate its Vietnamese values to prove that only a Vietnamese beer brand could understand every corner and detail of Vietnam. BSG Lager was chosen as the hero product, as it is the most consumed beer across Vietnam and the social lubricant that brings Vietnamese people together. The brand also identified 63 provinces and highlighted their most unique attributes and achievements on its packaging during Tết.


In Vietnam, Tết is the biggest festivity and the biggest occasion for beer brands. It's also the time to celebrate Vietnamese values. People will go back and reunite with their family, neighborhood, their old friends, and roots. The Vietnamese celebration was the perfect occasion for the brand to reinforce its position as a Vietnamese brand.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The packaging featured traditional Vietnamese engravings that included landscapes, modern landmarks, signature local cuisines, and more that were unique to each province. The pack's cans also featured 63 poems representing each province. Moreover, the brand partnered with The Ministry of Culture Sports and Tourism to help promote the provinces in the most detailed and attractive way via a special QR code on the packaging.

The pack was launched at an event to create awareness. Then, the brand created a television commercial and customized out-of-home (OOH) billboards for each region on prime highways.

Bia Saigon also leveraged key opinion leaders (KOLs) to drive awareness of the pack and encourage people to enjoy and celebrate Tết with Bia Saigon. The brand also asked Vietnamese people to engage with Bia Saigon on its microsite where they could share the collection and collect prizes.

Mobile Execution:

Personalized banners were used to promote customized messages for each province. This also allowed the brand to talk to provincial people in their language and showcase the beauty of their own province on a distinct can.

All the assets were mobile-first so every Vietnamese person could see the beauty of the cans and participate in engagement activities with their phone.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

This campaign helped the brand improve brand equity, brand image, and business outcomes. Results included:

  • The brand was able to reach 96 percent of its target.
  • Bia Saigon's top-of-mind improved while other brands declined.
  • Brand equity grew by 2.8 points.
  • Consideration and consumption increased, even after the campaign.
  • Sales volume increased by over 42 percent.
  • Penetration grew by 19 percent.
  • Vietnamese consumers once again felt that Bia Saigon was a local brand that truly understood the Vietnamese people.

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