Ensure Gold Vietnam: Ensure Gold Turns 2022 TET Into a Milk Gifting Occasion


Campaign Summary

Ensure Gold Vietnam created a mobile first campaign and leveraged UGC content to compel caretakers to gift adult milk during Tết.



Tết is the key season when milk is gifted by caregivers. Yet, Tết 2022 brought in a different reality. The fourth wave of the pandemic created an eight-month lockdown resulting in severe financial consequences for Vietnamese caregivers.

With this in mind, Ensure Gold Vietnam posed two questions:

  • How can it continue to make Ensure Gold a top-of-mind must-have for Tết gifting instead of a myriad of other affordable gifting choices?
  • As a leader, how can Ensure Gold inspire more caregivers to enter the category?

Target Audience:

Ensure Gold Vietnam's key target audience for its Tết campaign were Vietnamese caregivers – focally 35-year-old females who are urban dwellers, currently leading a busy lifestyle. They are heavily engaged in nutritional decisions, preparation, and shopping for their parents.

For them, being a caregiver is rather overwhelming. Amid their busy life, they want to do the right thing for their parents' health but are not always sure what that is.

Creative Strategy:

Ensure Gold realized that caregivers make promises to parents that they think they'll fulfill someday, but the pandemic created uncertainty. The fourth wave of the pandemic produced the highest number of COVID cases and fatalities. Caregivers, more than ever before, became anxious about losing loved ones.

The brand realized that Tết was the perfect time for caregivers to take care of their parents and keep their promises. With the campaign theme "unforgettable promises," Ensure Gold took caregivers through an emotional journey that urged them to act on those long-standing promises. The brand applied mobile-first creatives to trigger caregivers to action.

The brand leveraged 17 media channels and touchpoints to deliver emotive creative to the target consumers. Continuous optimization of creatives was done along the campaign, especially in the final step of lead generation where Ensure Gold Vietnam connected API with Meta to refine its audience.


Ensure Gold owned the Tết gifting and family bonding platform for years, but 2022 came with a more challenging context due to COVID-19. In response, the brand evolved its media strategy and creative to incorporate COVID-related insights, invest more in digital, and optimize television ads.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Tết 2022 was a digital-led campaign that utilized the best creative practices, especially on mobile platforms, to further push consumer engagement. This execution comprised around 70 percent of the total campaign budget.

The campaign started by asking caregivers: "What promises have you made to your parents that you have yet to fulfill?" The question powerfully evoked caregivers' sentiments, generating the highest engagement ever. Then, the brand created The Unforgettable Promise, a short film that was organically shared by influencers and amplified by a PR stunt.

Ensure Gold then moved caregivers to action with a large-scale user-generate-content (UGC) challenge, starting with key opinion leaders (KOLs) acting on their promises and then inspiring millions of consumers to do the same with their parents. The brand also provided caregivers with special Tết offers delivered through an integrated ecosystem, from digital with lead-to-purchase and lead-to-sampling programs, to ecommerce and trade with massive visibility and special health gift packs.

Mobile Execution:

Ensure Gold also effectively crafted a social media campaign leveraging UCG content to help form a massive social movement of caregivers and facilitate lead generation on both online and offline platforms. The brand utilized influencers and social video platforms to air the film and elevate caregiver's emotions.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Ensure Gold's 2022 Tết campaign helped the brand rebuild brand top-of-mind, brand consideration, lead generation, and sales. Moreover, ad recall lifted 9.2 pts, almost double versus the benchmark of 5.1 pts. Additional results included:

  • Earning 91 percent of the total adult milk category volume, ranking No. 1 in the category' share of voice. This helped the brand attain a one-point lift in preference (versus the benchmark of 0.9pts).
  • New user recruitment rate increased by over 30 percent versus the normal monthly rate, generating the highest ever number of new users Ensure Gold recruited in just two months (90,590 new users).
  • Sold 180,000 gift packs, a 35 percent increase versus the normal offtake rate.
  • Ensure Gold became the No. 1 brand on ecommerce in the grocery and milk category during Tết.
  • Achieved the highest ever year-over-year growth in the last five years, an astounding 37 percent increase versus last year.

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