Bayer: Redoxon — Turn Your Guilty Pleasure into Healthy Pleasure


Campaign Summary

Redoxon leveraged social media, influencers, and tutorial videos to compel consumers to use its immune boosting tablet as an ingredient in their daily meals.



Redoxon wanted to grow its sales by five percent in 2021 and maintain its market leader position by owning "immunity," and positioning and creating more usage occasions, allowing the brand to become a part of consumers' daily lives.

Target Audience:

Redoxon targeted two key specific audience segments:

  • Moms ages 25-to-35 years old who put health first and switched to Redoxon to strengthen their family's immunity
  • Moms of 25-to-35 years old who regularly consume Redoxon as part of their "new normal"

Creative Strategy:

Redoxon faced the challenge of getting diluted in a sea of similar propositions, with more brands creating immune boosting products in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. That was when the brand knew it was time to think outside the box to show consumers what it can really do for them, not just create ads with benefit promises. The brand wanted to turn an ordinary effervescent tablet into something exciting enough to be a part of their daily life.

The company uncovered an intriguing fact: people enjoy the taste of Redoxon. With this insight the brand knew it had a chance to become a daily treat for its customers — young millennial families who want to balance health and pleasure. In response, the company created the "Turn Your Guilty Pleasure into Health Pleasure" campaign — a first-time effort leveraging the effervescent tablet to make healthy food that can boost immunity and protect your health.


This was an integrated digital campaign, featuring a series of manifesto and tutorial videos delivered across high-reach platforms on social and online to maximum reach and resonance. Moreover, the campaign also built up the "daily meal" usage occasions through key opinion leaders (KOL) recommendations, food platform partnerships, and PR as a high engagement channel among the audience. SEM, sampling partnerships, and social were used to drive trials and convert usages.


Overall Campaign Execution:

This was a purely digital campaign, leveraging YouTube, Social, SEM, and programmatic display. Redoxon kicked off the campaign by showing how every Vietnamese mom can utilize the tastiness of its product for their everyday meal through a manifesto video, followed by a series of mini-tutorial videos in which the brand showed the audience the simplest way to incorporate its product into food and drinks. The brand collaborated with two famous chefs and nutritionists to create the recipes, making the campaign even more credible to the audience. Every tutorial video was linked to an ecommerce platform where the brand activated its special promo, selling Redoxon at a special price and giving away cooking kits with recipe ingredients.

Redoxon also did a partnership with the Cooky mobile app — the No. 1 community group for sharing recipes or kitchen management tips, providing the brand with a highly-relevant platform to maximize the message of the value of immunity.

Finally, the brand encouraged consumers to take action by hosting a contest to find out the best meal created with Redoxon. The contest was also published on the Cooky community group to trigger users to participate in the contest and drive the sampling of Redoxon. Countless Vietnamese young moms have joined in making meals with Redoxon, helping the brand break the Guinness World Record with 465 recipes being made in just one hour.

Mobile Execution:

Most of the campaign's assets came in video format. The brand systematically executed different media buy types to drive effective reach, view-through rate, and action conversions. Moreover, through data and mobile, Redoxon was able to target the right consumers at the right moment through lookalike/retargeting and affinity targeting focused on food, recipes, family, health, and travel.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The "Turn Your Guilty Pleasure Into a Healthy Pleasure" campaign successfully created more usage occasions of using Redoxon by convincing consumers that Redoxon can add a boost of immunity to their daily meals. This also helped drive meaningfulness and relevancy in brand score. Other results:

  • The campaign reached a staggering 83 percent relevant audience with 9.6 million views.
  • The videos generated great engagement with the manifesto clip generating a 39 percent view-through rate.
  • The series tutorial video showed even better effectiveness, with a 68 percent view-through rate thanks to content-based targeting.
  • The various influencer posts, minigames, cooking contests, and Super Brand Day generated close to two million engagements.
  • The campaign helped register a 63 percent share of voice rate on social platforms, according to Buzzmetrics.

The campaign delivered great business results, with 77 percent of respondents saying that they will think of Redoxon as an addition to their food, according to a Kantar Survey. The brand also saw a 158 percent increase in sales through offline channels and a 738 percent increase in online channels compared to the same period last year, becoming the No. 1 best-selling vitamin C supplement on Shoppee.

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