Biti’s Hunter: Biti’s Hunter Canvas of Pride


Campaign Summary

Sneak brand Biti's Hunter spread optimism during the global COVID-19 pandemic by evoking a sense of pride and stoicism in Vietnam through #ProudlyMadeInVietnam stories.



Objective and Context:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam not only stood out in the eyes of the world for containing the spread of the coronavirus, but also as a country that demonstrated optimism, compassion, care, and creativity.

Renowned for representing human progressiveness and in the spirit of national pride, sneaker brand Biti's Hunter decided to put the spotlight on #ProudlyMadeInVietnam stories. It set out to spread optimism during the global COVID-19 pandemic by evoking a sense of pride and stoicism in Vietnam. Biti's Hunter also wanted to build brand love while lifting the business.

Target Audience:

Vietnamese youth between the ages of 18 and 35 were the primary target, but Biti's Hunter wanted to attract the attention of the whole nation of Vietnam.

Creative Strategy:

The COVID-19 pandemic forced humans to face one of the toughest times of any generation. With fear, tension, and uncertainty growing through a constant stream of negative news and updates, Biti's Hunter decided to focus on spreading positive vibes instead.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Collaborating with influential celebrities who joined the cause at no cost, Biti's Hunter launched Canvas of Pride: a special collection inspired by stories of optimism and resilience like the dragon fruit bread, the hand washing dance, or the welcoming home of expats (Vietnamese living elsewhere) to be cared for and protected.

This stunning collection of stories immediately captured local and international media attention and achieved unprecedented engagement. The campaign used creative communities including artists and young Vietnamese people to participate and share drawings of their most heartfelt stories of pride during this period.

The impressive number of unique and beautiful contributions inspired other local brands to join forces by adapting the artwork onto their own products and donating 10 percent of revenue to support Vietnam's fight against the coronavirus. A beautiful and inspiring song and music video were also launched to capture and elevate the positive emotions of the public, earning a large number of earned views and shares.

Mobile Execution:

Biti's Hunter then introduced the first #ProudlyMadeInVietnam marketplace on Shopee, the No. 1 e-commerce platform in Vietnam, helping spread the beautiful and inspiring stories across the country. The integrated spreading of stories through visibility notifications, and user push in Shopee won attention and strong business numbers for all the participating brands.

The music video was also executed powerfully, and the song has since been spread organically across mobile music streaming platforms.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Because consumers are less consumed with brands in a context of anxiety and fear, a disruptive approach was developed to attract attention and brand preference and drive sales growth. Biti's Hunter joined the movement within seven days and called for another 14 big brands to join within 14 days.

Five celebrities joined the movement at no cost, and more than 100 submissions from artists and creators from 30 different communities were submitted. Fifteen official partners and more than 100 boutique brands followed the movement.

Winning the attention of more than 1,000 local and international media outlets across 16 countries, thousands of conversations generated more than 2.5 million engagements.

Other results included:

  • 50,000 collective preorders within just two weeks
  • 100,000 total orders within two months
  • 100,000 shares and five million views of the originally composed song
  • Increase by more than 10 points in Brand Top-of-Mind (TOM) for Biti's Hunter
  • Increase by more than 20 points in Brand Preference
  • Ranking among the top three top viral campaigns across all categories in April 2020

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