Cornetto: Unicornetto’s My Fairy Tale


Campaign Summary

Cornetto launched its newest ice cream product with an advertisement that challenged the traditional model of courtship, with the aim of increasing market share and influence among younger consumers.



Objective and Context:

Cornetto launches new products every summer. Unicornetto was the newest ice cream product the company was going to announce for the summer of 2020. The company's main goal was to ensure that consumers tasted this new product and to get people talking about Cornetto all summer. It had to make this ice cream product appealing to young people in Turkey.

Target Audience:

Cornetto's target audience were 16- to 35-year-old men and women who loved ice cream. This segment is social, free, are hopeless romantics, sensitive to social issues, and have positive feelings towards the future.

Creative Strategy:

Cornetto landed on developing a mystical fairytale-themed ad, drawing inspiration from romantic stories to inspire its creative. However, Cornetto recognized a gap between classic love stories and the new generation's view of love and gender roles. In classic fairytales, the role of women was to passively wait for love. Modern women act much differently.

To demonstrate its brand purpose and empower women worldwide, the company decided to reverse this narrative in a way that would conform to the values of new generations. Cornetto created a story that reversed the stereotypes of the prince and the princess.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Cornetto created a fairytale-themed video featuring a princess taking the initiative to pursuing her prince. This is in contrast to the traditional damsel in distress waiting for her knight in shining armor. The company allocated most of its campaign budget to run the ad across Facebook and YouTube.

Mobile Execution:

More than 88 percent of the clip's views on YouTube came from mobile users. As of June 15th, total traffic was 160,686,741; 88.28 percent of which came from mobile. As of June 22nd, total traffic reached 155,789,407; 88.90 percent of these views came from mobile.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The clip received five million views on the first day and 39 million views so far. After the advertisement premiered, ice cream sales saw a 36 percent increase on the first day and an average of 82 percent increase in the first week. 17 million units have been sold so far, making it the bestselling new product of Cornetto this year.

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