ViettelPay: "Make Tet Easy Again” with Viettelpay — Challenge Accepted!


Campaign Summary

ViettelPay launched a cross-media campaign to promote the use of its mobile payment app during the Vietnamese holiday of Tet.



Objective and Context:

Tet, the Lunar New Year period in Vietnam, is one of the most eagerly awaited holidays for all Vietnamese people. With the holiday comes the pressure of saving money for gifts and celebrations, yet many people are still unfamiliar with mobile and electronic payment options.

ViettelPay (VTP) offers a mobile payment app and digital bank service that functions without a bank account, offering the ability to make transfers, pay bills, or apply for loans in a quick, convenient, and easy way. VTP wanted to relaunch the app to educate people about its services and get more of them to use the app during Tet.

The brand used different assets which spoke to the pain points of consumers at key touchpoints on their mobile devices and across social media channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok.

Target Audience:

The target audience consisted of mass consumers in Vietnam with balanced portions of both rural and urban consumers, focusing heavily on young people.

Creative Strategy:

Tet season calls for campaigns that can capture and pique consumers' interest over a 10-week break. VTP had to target the right consumer insights and develop unique ways to deliver messaging. Using a variety of media formats, VTP looked to enhance brand awareness, repurposing creative assets and serving them differently to different audiences, keeping users engaged and driving real business results.

The strategy included the following steps:

  1. Develop creative based on Tet insights
  2. Build for the right objective
  3. Create consumer-centric, not brand-centric content
  4. Collaborate with the right content creators (both young and old) and the right channels (YouTube, Facebook, TikTok)


Overall Campaign Execution:

VTP's campaign execution consisted of the following steps:

  1. Make it direct and simple but meaningful: The message was that VTP can help facilitate the money transaction quickly, solving all Tet worries.
  2. Make it informative and impactful: For about one and a half months, audiences were exposed to a series of 15-second vertical ads which explained how smoothly their daily lives could function with VTP before Tet. VTP also looked to disrupt the fintech category with branded content for Tao Quan, a Vietnamese TV comedy that airs on Lunar New Year's Eve and is considered a traditional show of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year. The message and product functions of VTP were highlighted on the show in a memorable way to Vietnamese audiences.
  3. Make it engaging: VTP released 30-second Tet ads that were functional in nature and intended to trigger downloads and registrations.

Mobile Execution:

VTP launched a multi-phase YouTube campaign featuring more than 15 mobile-first videos. Each video highlighted a common challenge people face during Tet, then showcased various functional benefits of VTP that would solve or ease these challenges. Each video was tailored to reach a different audience through interest targeting and custom audiences.

In the second phase, VTP ran mobile app installation ads that highlighted a feature called "Shake and Win," which offered the chance of winning cash prizes and vouchers via a Tet-themed augmented reality (AR) filter. To further encourage engagement, VTP ran poll ads asking people about their biggest challenges during Tet and offered millions of gifts from VTP.

VTP partnered with popular Vietnamese musicians JustaTee, Hoàng Thùy Linh, and Đen to create a fun, Tet-themed music video that highlighted the challenges people face during Tet. VTP used short segments from the music video to create more video ads.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

VTP is a challenger brand, competing with other mobile wallets who also were very active in the Tet holiday. The campaign created a large impact across platforms, as VTP's music video received more than 50 million views across digital platforms.

The video was the top YouTube-trending video after only a few days of release and was the first and only commercial music video to reach this position during the 2020 Tet holiday. The title of the song, "Làm gì phải Hốt," became a social phrase among young people.

The campaign "Make Tet Easy with ViettelPay" was the second-most discussed campaign on social media during Tet 2020. The search of the song title "Làm gì phải Hốt" also saw huge increases on search engines immediately following the January 5 premiere of the video.

Share of voice of VTP in the fintech category dominated during Tet, double that of competitors. VTP saw 2.07 million new installations, 1.24 million new registers, 7.8 million successful purchasers, and 1.5 million active users.

Google data revealed a 34.37 percent on share of search for the VTP brand before and after the Tet campaign. Other statistics indicated:

  • CPM: 2.2 times lower than quoted
  • Ad recall: increase of 8.8 points (fintech benchmark is 6.0)
  • Ad favorability rating: increase of 2.4 points (fintech benchmark is 1.2)
  • Purchase intention: 2.1 points (fintech benchmark is 0.7)

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