Coca-Cola Energy: Coke Energy — This Energy Is For You


Campaign Summary

Typically energy drink companies position their products in an extreme way, but Coke Energy found that approach to be limiting. So, the brand identified three segments, and created a range of tailored creative executions across a variety of media platforms. The omnichannel campaign helped the brand reach millions of customers.


Objective and Context:

In the beverage category, energy drinks are usually positioned as products that go along with extreme sports or extreme physical activity, and Coke Engergy believes that this approach does not do justice to this sub-category. It limits consumption occasions. Therefore, the brand aimed to provide the energy that people needed in their daily routines. Coke Energy tracked the campaign's success by measuring sales growth, organic shares, and brand lift.

The strategic objective was to expand the energy drinks category, create awareness, and drive trial for Coca-Cola Energy.

Target Audience:

The brand aimed to reach people in urban areas who live hectic and rushed lives. Coke Energy segmented the consumers and identified an intersection of people who love the Coke taste and those who consume energy drinks. Three "tribes" were defined: Young Bloods, Materialistic Adults, and Chief House Officers.

"Young Bloods" are 18-to-24 year-old students with energetic and active lifestyles. They enjoy gaming and sports. "Materialistic Adults" are white collar workers between the ages of 24 and 34. "Chief House Officers" are parents, typically housewives ages 24-34.

Creative Strategy:

To deliver the promise "This Energy Is For You," the brand analyzed its selected tribes' daily energy need moments and motivations via social listening. Coke Energy strategically targeted moment when consumers needed more energy through various ad placements that aligned with the customer journey. Digital and mobile media were at the center of the campaign.

The brand needed to build hype for its launch day event. Channels including digital and TV, social media, and influencer activations were run synchronously on the brand's "Red Energetic Night" event.

An AR Filter, playable ads, and video polling ads ran on social media. Coke Energy was on air on Twitch with a famous streamer who was energized by the product. The brand targeted users who have a low battery on their phone and shared the message "Coca-Cola Energy is for you whenever you need the energy." TikTok and Twitter conversational cards engaged the younger members of the target audience.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Coke Energy managed to differentiate its product and brought to life its promise with customized ads and engaging content. The brand strategically targeted moments when consumers needed energy with its customized media strategy. Tactics included precision marketing, Facebook interactive tools (AR filter, playable ads, and video polling ads), YouTube, TikTok, Twitter conversational cards, TV, large outdoor ad units, and influencer usages.

Mobile Execution:

The brand allocated more than 35 percent of its media budget to mobile. The communication strategy was focused on making relevant connections with its target audiences primarily through digital and mobile content, but also through experiential content. Creative assets were customized by channel.

The brand projected red lights on a few of Turkey's most iconic landmarks (Galata Tower and Maiden's Tower). The lightshow on the Maiden's Tower was the first time the site had been used for brand placement.

Facebook interactive tools were part of the engagement and sales phases of the campaign. These mobile-only tools allowed the brand to engage with its audience in an entertaining way. Also, Coke Energy targeted users who had low battery on their phones and showed them the campaign message "Coca-Cola Energy is for you whenever you need the energy." The Yandex Navigation app helped the brand reach the white-collar audience while they were traveling.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The Coca-Cola Energy launch campaign reached more than 25 million people overall. Facebook interactive tools in this campaign engaged three times more than Coca-Cola's benchmarks. Coca-Cola Energy reached its four month goal in just the first month of the campaign. The launch event and the lightshow on iconic landmarks received more than five million impressions.

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