Fanta: Fanta Music Is Ours


Campaign Summary

To increase brand awareness and brand love among Turkish teens, Fanta rolled out its "Music is Ours" campaign. The soft-drink brand worked with pop culture influencers to create poll-based ads on Instagram. The target audience was invited to co-create a song and music video by engaging with the ads, voting for song lyrics or video direction.


Objective and Context:

In recent years, teens have become more dependent on mobile and social media than ever. It helps them feel connected with friends, celebrities, and their passions. Thanks to this technology, today's teens have the opportunity to interact with anyone and create anything they can imagine. Fanta wanted to serve as an enabler, encouraging teens to create something new with people who inspired them.

The campaign objective was to recruit new consumers by differentiating the brand from the competition with similar tones of voice. Fanta would do this by focusing on a main passion point of teens around the world: music. The "Music Is Ours" campaign strategy was to win the hearts and minds of teens and increase brand awareness. The brand would create a digital activation that leveraged social media to increase engagement with the campaign. Fanta used Instagram's polling ad format to co-create a song and music video with its target audience. Utilizing this ad format was a first for Fanta.

Target Audience:

Fanta reached out to all teens without any specific segmentation because music is for everyone, and it is a passion point for most teens. For media purposes, the brand targeted 13-to 20-year-olds who live in Turkey.

Creative Strategy:

To win its target audience's hearts and to grow interaction with its content, Fanta collaborated with famous singer Hadise and Youtuber Orkun Isitmak, both of whom have a high number of teenage followers. The stars brought a sense of fun to the campaign, and they encouraged teens to cast their votes in the ads.

Instagram, being one of the main platforms used by teens, was the channel of choice for the campaign. Fanta sought to enrich the user experience on the platform through the use of high performing ad formats and exclusive content.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Fanta's use of Instagram polling ads was a first for the soft-drink company. The format helped achieve engagement scores among the most valuable consumers, teens. Plus, the format enabled Fanta to create a song and music video in collaboration with teens via the polls.

The overall campaign budget was between $200,000 and $500,000 USD. To deliver Fanta's brand promise, to connect and create together for today's digitally-native teens, more than 90 percent of the investment was allocated to mobile-only executions.

Mobile Execution:

The campaign was designed as a social media-only campaign, and teens access social media primarily through mobile. The campaign was enriched by involving consumers directly. Teens participated in the campaign by voting on the song concept, lyrics, instruments, and video clips.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Turkey's business has a vital role to play in Fanta's global performance as it is the third largest Fanta Orange market and the fourth largest Fanta market.

Fanta was successful in attracting teens to the brand. The campaign reached 11.2 million unique users among its target audience. Strong engagement results were achieved using the Instagram polling ads with one out of five people who saw the polling ads cast a vote. Fanta received a total of 2.5 million votes, and one million unique participants. Fanta Turkey Instagram account followers increased beyond estimates (by 12 times) and reached 80,000. Hadise's new song was viewed more than 20 million times on YouTube during a two-week period. It increased the userbase among teens by five ppt.

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