Güd: Rescue Dogz


Campaign Summary

Online dog food company Güd wanted to increase its brand awareness and help Brazil's largest rescue center secure as many dog adoptions as possible.


Objective and Context:

Brazilian online dog food brand Güd had always used humor and memes in its brand communications. But in 2019, the company wanted to focus on adoption. The campaign goal was to raise awareness for the brand and help Brazil's largest rescue center secure as many dog adoptions as possible.

Target Audience:

Potential dog buyers and those who were searching for purebred dogs in Brazil.

Creative Strategy:

To find and catch the attention of potential dog buyers, the first step was identifying the most common spelling errors for the names of purebred dogs on Google. Then Güd bought these keywords and used them to name dogs at a partner rescue center.

Each time someone misspelled a dog breed name on Google, they were served a Google ad that indicated someone was giving that specific type of dog away for free. When the searcher clicked on the ad, instead of being led to the dog owner's page, they were directed to the Rescue Dogz website.

To increase the chance of adoption, each dog had its own page and story told on the website. At the end of each bio, the potential adopters were asked if they would consider taking the dog home.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The campaign had a short timeline that included:

  • Analyzing the most common purebred dog spelling errors on Google
  • Naming 42 mutt dogs with the misspellings
  • Visiting the rescue center to take pictures of each dog and posting them on the Rescue Dogz website

Mobile Execution:

To reach people whenever they searched for a dog breed, Güd always had to be there — a strategy that was only possible if executed on mobile.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

During the month-long campaign, there was a 740 percent increase in the number of dogs adopted from the partner rescue center.

The Rescue Dogz campaign put Güd in the spotlight:

  • 85,000 visits to the Rescue Dogz website
  • 15 million media impressions
  • 2 million earned media impressions
  • 40 percent growth in the number of followers on social media

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