P/S: The Adventure with King Leo and Friends


Campaign Summary

To prevent Vietnamese children from getting cavities, P/S created a 21-day augmented reality adventure to make brushing teeth fun and instill the habit of brushing twice a day.


Objective and Context:

Kids don't enjoy brushing their teeth. To them, this task appears daunting and they frequently try to skip brushing their teeth at night. Eight-five percent of Vietnamese children suffer from cavities.

Target Audience:

P/S set out to instill the habit of brushing teeth twice a day among Vietnamese children.

Creative Strategy:

Researchers say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. To change children's behavior, P/S needed to make brushing teeth a fun activity — something that children would look forward to — for 21 days.


Overall Campaign Execution:

P/S introduced "The Adventure with King Leo and friends," a nightly adventure for little ones with their favorite characters, King Leo the Lion and his friends. The AI-powered augmented reality experience aimed to make brushing fun.

Through time-targeted ads on Facebook, parents were encouraged to join a 21-day challenge to build nighttime teeth-brushing habits for their kids. A Facebook messenger chatbot personalized each adventure by capturing details such as the number of children, their names, and the time for them to brush. At their preferred time, parents would get a reminder on their mobile phones to kickstart the brushing adventure for their kids.

Once the journey began, a mobile AR app would allow kids to "become" their favorite animal character and learn how to brush their teeth. The AR character would ask children to open their mouths and it would teach them proper brushing techniques.

Mobile Execution:

With catchy music and interactive elements, the AR app retained children's attention long enough to keep them brushing for two minutes. The kids could choose to be different characters in their adventure, such as Mountain Mike, Capitaine Jean-François, or Madame Green.

The moms who interacted with the AR app, and with a particular character, were retargeted through carousel ads to try other characters and build excitement throughout the 21-day habit building routine.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Throughout the 21-day adventure, kids not only found brushing a fun activity, but they also developed it as a habit. P/S reached more than 14 million moms, all taking their kids through its behavior-changing journey. More than 22 percent growth was recorded in the first month after the campaign. Most importantly, kids stopped running away from brushing their teeth.

Categories: AR/VR, Messaging | Industries: Health & Beauty | Objectives: AR/VR, Messaging | Awards: X Gold Winner, X Silver Winner