Doritos: Doritos Cool & Hot 360 Interactive Video


Campaign Summary

Doritos marketed a new product with a mobile game that allowed users to interact with a virtual environment by tapping their screens.


Objective and Context:

For its new product "Doritos Cool & Hot," Doritos wanted to create an immersive mobile experience to increase its brand awareness and promote the new Cool & Hot product. The brand developed an interactive video ad that evoked the hot and cool flavors of the product with 360-degree custom mobile video.

Target Audience:

The target audience of this campaign was young adventurers aged between 15 and 25 who were eager to experience new and exciting things on mobile.

Creative Strategy:

Doritos sought to evoke the two very different but appealingly paired flavors in its new product. To do so, it invited users to interact with virtual ice and flames in a mobile gaming environment that also gave them the experience of riding a roller coaster.


Overall Campaign Execution:

By using a 360-degree custom mobile video, Doritos let users experience the product's coolness by covering the whole screen with ice, which users could break by tapping on the screen. After that, the whole screen was covered with flames and users were asked to put out the fire by tapping on the screen. These elements formed part of a larger 360-degree custom video that allowed users to ride a virtual roller coaster.

Mobile Execution:

This campaign was designed as the mobile portion of the Doritos Cool & Hot campaign. Doritos offered consumers an experience that reflected the adventurous theme of the promotion's companion ad, which itself featured a roller coaster. In addition to "riding" the rollercoaster, users were invited to interact with the virtual environment by breaking ice and extinguishing flames — evocations of the product's cool and hot flavors.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign was watched all the way through by 997,945 unique users, and the dynamic end card was viewed 1,223,194 times. During the video, viewers used their phones three million times to experience the environment, break the ice, and put out the flames. Compared with similar interactive campaigns, 10 times more interactions were achieved.

Categories: 360-Degree Video | Industries: Food, Beverage, Tobacco | Objectives: 360-Degree Video | Awards: X Silver Winner