Twitter: #ImBack: The Return to Twitter


Campaign Summary

Twitter created a way for people with disabilities to engage with the platform using an app with eye-tracking technology. The company promoted this advancement by telling the story of Alberto Moreno, a man whose Twitter account had been static since an accident left him paralyzed. With EyeTwitter, Alberto Moreno could once again participate in Twitter conversations.


Objective and Context:

Twitter enables public dialogue, and ideally every person could participate on the platform. But for people with disabilities that limit mobility or speech, it is sometimes impossible to join the digital dialogue because of current technology limitations.

Twitter Spain partnered with Irisbond and Mobile World Capital to create EyeTwitter, a free app that enables tweeting via eye-tracking technology.

Target Audience:

Twitter users, especially those with physical limitations were the target audience for the campaign.

Creative Strategy:

The brand worked with a disabled person who would benefit from EyeTwitter to launch the “#ImBack” campaign. He would use the technology to create a tweet that would introduce EyeTwitter to the mass market and show the world that he was once again able to participate in Twitter conversations.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The brand had Alberto Moreno serve as the face of the campaign. He was only 23 years old when an accident paralyzed him. With the exception of his eyes, eyelids, and lips, he cannot move, and for that reason his Twitter account had been dormant since April 2016.

Mobile Execution:

Alberto returned to Twitter in April 2018, two years after his account had gone silent. His first tweet was a joke about his situation that stirred up strong reactions from Twitter users.

“What makes a paraplegic smile? That everything’s on wheels.”

Many Twitter users responded to the joke calling it inappropriate or offensive. Hours later, Twitter revealed Alberto’s story behind the tweet. The brand shared that an accident left him paralyzed, and he had been unable to participate in the social dialogues on Twitter for two years. He especially missed being able to laugh at himself, so he wanted to make his “come back” on Twitter with a joke.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign resulted in one billion impressions and more than 220,000 tweets.

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