HBO Max: HBO Max Unleashes Peacemaker on Social Media


Campaign Summary

In a saturated superhero market, HBO Max's marketing campaign for Peacemaker successfully turned an unknown IP into one of the most-watched HBO Max original DC series. By capitalizing on the unique positioning of the show's protagonist, leveraging Twitter as a platform for engagement, and strategically timing key promotional moments, the campaign generated significant hype and cultivated a dedicated fan community, proving the demand for TV-MA superhero content with a blend of action, humor, and relatability.



With superheroes dominating the entertainment landscape, the challenge was to establish Peacemaker, a unique and relatively unknown superhero, as a standout in the crowded market. The goal was to create significant buzz and differentiate Peacemaker from other superheroes, despite the competition during the holiday season.

Target Audience:

Peacemaker was introduced to audiences through the movie The Suicide Squad, leveraging the character's appearance and increased visibility following the film. The marketing strategy focused on showcasing the series as a compelling and entertaining expansion of the DC Entertainment Universe (DCEU), emphasizing its direct connections to the films. It aimed to reach both fans of The Suicide Squad and the DCEU, as well as new audiences hungry for mature, quirky, and action-packed content.

Creative Strategy:

Building on Peacemaker's introduction in The Suicide Squad, the marketing campaign highlighted his unique positioning as "not the hero we want, but the one we got." With John Cena in the lead role, the campaign capitalized on James Gunn's directorial style, presenting Peacemaker as a comically self-aware and problematic character. The series' mature TV-MA rating appealed to fans seeking mature, irreverent, and action-packed content. The campaign also emphasized the dynamics and humor of the ensemble cast, making it a fun and entertaining experience.


In a saturated superhero market, Peacemaker stood out by combining high-octane action with mature humor, flawed characters, and gritty violence. The marketing efforts focused on carving a unique space for Peacemaker in the superhero landscape. Twitter, known for its lively and often unpeaceful nature, was chosen as the primary platform to launch the marketing campaign and reinforce the character's mission of bringing peace.


Overall Campaign Execution:

HBO Max partnered with Twitter to create awareness for Peacemaker through custom activations, reach products, and talent integrations. The campaign was strategically timed, with key moments aligned with three Twitter Spotlight Trends: the teaser trailer launch, Peacemaker Day/New Year's Day, and the premiere day. The campaign leveraged the @Peacemaker handle and John Cena's popularity to engage the audience. The "Heart to Remind" feature was incorporated, sending reminder tweets to users who liked the content.

Mobile Execution:

To maintain momentum leading up to the premiere day, a campaign called #ArbitratorOfPeace was launched, inviting users to submit their petty arguments for Peacemaker to adjudicate and bring peace to Twitter timelines. Instructional videos were created in collaboration with Twitter's Safety team, featuring Peacemaker and a Twitter representative, to highlight new safety features on the platform. Custom emojis were released, allowing fans to express support for their favorite characters, and watch parties were organized on Twitter for each episode.

Business Impact (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

As Peacemaker was a new series, its popularity was measured based on its position among HBO Max's top five fandoms. The Twitter partnership successfully raised awareness and generated excitement for the show. The campaign achieved over 225 million impressions for the three Twitter Spotlight Trends and an additional 9.4 million impressions for the "Heart to Remind" feature. The Times Square billboard takeover generated 12.87 million impressions, surpassing the contracted goal. The #AllInForPeace Twitter safety videos received 4.97 million tweet impressions and over three million video views.

Peacemaker became the fifth top-growing show on Twitter (December-January) and the 10th most talked about show on the platform (January). By effectively leveraging the mobile-first campaign, HBO Max successfully attracted a large audience of fans craving mature, action-packed content. Peacemaker became a widely recognized superhero, capturing the attention of viewers and solidifying its position as an explosive, irreverent, and wildly popular TV series.

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