Lay’s: Lay's 4 Seasons Digital OOH


Campaign Summary

Iconic brand Lay's aims to stand out for its great taste and texture. For its four seasons campaign, Lay's wanted to own spring and summer by saying, "a crispy spring and summer starts with Lay's, making Lay's a favorite snack of spring and summer."


Objective and Context:

Lay's wanted to expand its consumption occasions both as a part of daily life and also throughout the year at various touchpoints; the campaign, in its first year, was an important step towards its goal.

Target Audience:

Lay's target audience was social pleasure seekers, those who not only enjoy life but also spark social gatherings.

Creative Strategy:

The campaign's TV spots and mainstream digital assets were a key priority. Lay's developed a comprehensive connection plan that covered all seasonal-related touchpoints, and mainly concentrated on outdoor life since its target audience was often enjoying the great weather during spring and summer. The goal was to pivot Lay's as the must-have snack for picnics and times spent in parks.


Overall Campaign Execution:

To encourage people to enjoy the beautiful weather with Lay's, the company invited consumers to parks, utilizing weather, temperature, and location data. Covering three major cities and their parks, Lay's identified the most popular parks and timings using Google's popular times app. In addition, the company also developed its pedestrian density map with proximity targeting. When the temperature hit 25 degrees Celsius, Lay's aired its message at all digital programmatic out-of-home (OOH) units near parks at Istanbul, giving consumers directions to the nearest park.

To scale the campaign, Lay's also aired its message and park routes through mobile banners. Lay's also utilized 35 digital OOH and 250 mobile, real-time dynamic creatives for different park locations and weather conditions.

Mobile Execution:

Using the data and targeting possibilities of the mobile world was key to the company's campaign. Real-time data and proximity targeting enabled Lay's to target the precise locations with precise timing, reaching people near them both on digital OOH screens and mobile banners.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

With this campaign, Lay's increased all its primary KPI targets. It saw an increase of 29 points for spontaneous awareness and an increase of 11 points for consideration. And most importantly, the campaign generated 2.9 share of market points — the highest share of market gain over the last three years.

The company's targeted mobile banners included 250 different dynamic creatives and reached 1.5 million unique people and hit a click-through-rate nine times higher than previous benchmarks. The targeted digital OOH ads were shown 1.2 million times with 35 different dynamic creatives.

Lay's allocated only 1.5 percent of its total campaign budget to digital OOH and showed its messages 1.2 million times.

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