Dove: Dove Deo Dry Serum Mobile Campaign


Campaign Summary

For the release of its new and innovative deodorant product, Dove created an interactive mobile ad campaign targeted at hip, urban women. It was imperative for the brand to educate its audience on the product's benefits and how to use it because Dove Deo Dry Serum Intensive Renew was a totally new type of deodorant.


Objective and Context:

In the cluttered Philippines deodorant market, Dove stands out as a thought-leader for beauty, always being the first to introduce new products and marketing formats. In July 2019, in a bid to win market share from its top competitor, Dove launched its most compelling deodorant product yet: Dove Deo Dry Serum Intensive Renew. This product was the first dry serum deodorant in the Philippines.

Despite being a ground-breaking product with attractive packaging, there was a need to educate the market on the new product format. Dry serum deodorants were unfamiliar to most Filipinos. There was also the added challenge of accelerating growth as a new player in an established market.

Dove launched the Dove Deo Dry Serum mobile campaign to educate audiences about the new product, its application, and its benefits. Being the first brand to launch this style of deodorant in the Philippines, Dove wanted an innovative approach to marketing. Dove knew the best way to do this was through mobile technology. Dove utilized a highly interactive mobile ad unit to communicate Dove Deo Dry Serum's benefits and its simple, easy application.

Target Audience:

The Dove Deo Dry Serum mobile campaign zeroed in on trendy, upwardly mobile women ages 18 and older who led happening lives in city centers. Living in the digital age, these female go-getters are ambitious, always on the go, and highly discerning when it comes to the products they buy. They're multi-screen consumers but largely interact with content from key influencers and their peers on mobile. Their interests, while diverse, typically revolve around lifestyle, entertainment, gaming, and beauty. These are women who value their time and tend to do everything with purpose.

Creative Strategy:

Dove wanted to communicate how easy it is to apply its new dry serum deodorant formula in an innovative and interactive manner that would drive engagement and raise awareness of the product's benefits, leading to an uplift in sales.

The best way to reach and engage Dove's target audience was through their preferred platform for consuming content: the smartphone. Interactive mobile technology was leveraged to build an intuitive ad unit that enabled audiences to simulate the application of Dove Deo Dry Serum. With actions that included swiping and squeezing on their screens, audiences saw that Dove's Deo Dry Serum doesn't stain clothes or need reapplication throughout the day.

With precise audience profiling, Dove was able to target and engage its audience in top apps across the gaming, entertainment, and lifestyle app categories.


Overall Campaign Execution:

After a lackluster nationwide launch using traditional channels, Dove placed its bet on mobile, devoting 95 percent of ad spend on the platform. Leveraging mobile technology was a game-changer. Awareness of Dove Dry Serum's benefits and simple application was achieved with an engaging mobile ad unit that illustrated how easy it is to squeeze and spread the dry serum while also communicating its skincare benefits. The mobile ad strategically deployed across top gaming, entertainment, and beauty apps succeeded in attracting the curiosity of its discerning audience.

Mobile Execution:

The bespoke mobile ad unit was interactive, inviting users to swipe to grab a tube of Dove Dry Serum. A quick video followed, communicating the benefits of active ingredients like Vitamin B3. The ad then visually compared Dove's Dry Serum with a traditional roll-on and continues only after users swipe right to see "The Dove Difference."

Now aware of the skincare benefits, users then discovered how easy it is to apply the product, simulating the experience by "squeezing" the tube on their screens. The brand's simple yet powerful execution made users curious about the product, ending with users tapping the Know More button and being taken to Dove's website. Precise audience profiling also helped the brand achieve its goals.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The mobile ad not only achieved its objective of educating female consumers about Dove dry serum, it also dished out over 78,000 engagements. The interactive mobile ad was so engaging that it garnered an engagement rate of 16 percent which is 16 times the industry benchmark for deodorants in the Philippines.

The ad completion rate was 70 percent, well above the industry benchmark of 14 percent. The click-through rate (CTR) was 18 percent, or 18 times industry benchmark.

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