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Campaign Summary

They say parenting is one of the most rewarding jobs one can have. However, many modern families in which both parents have to work may find it more difficult than ever to bond with their child. To tackle this issue, NIVEA's #SentuhanIbu World of Imagination campaign was designed to allow modern parents, especially mothers, to create bonding moments with their children.

As an established market leader for all-purpose body cream in Indonesia, NIVEA wanted to extend its reach to its increasingly younger audience: millennial mothers. #SentuhanIbu is a social initiative NIVEA has championed since 2013; the theme for this year's event was a child's imagination. To bring its campaign idea to life, NIVEA leveraged Mother's Day as an occasion to raise awareness of #SentuhanIbu and engage its audience through a pop-up adventure park where mothers and children were able to bond through creative storytelling in worlds of imagination.

By reaching out to its audience via online channels, NIVEA aimed to drive traffic to its pop-up adventure park.


Objective and Context:

NIVEA has been celebrating Mother's Day with its #SentuhanIbu theme for the past five years. In the sixth year, it aimed to take the celebrations to greater heights.

Mobile has proven to be a very successful outreach channel for NIVEA based on its past campaigns, where KPIs were overachieved. These past results confirmed the brand in its resolution to go ahead with the mobile channel again for this campaign.

However, what stood out this year was the use of an interactive mobile ad that enabled NIVEA to better capture the audience's attention and increase engagement. By initiating interactive gestures such as tapping and swiping, coupled with an interesting storyline underlying the game, NIVEA was able to further amplify awareness and increase engagement with its audience.

Target Audience:

Recent research has shown that 60 percent of mothers in Indonesia want to spend more time bonding with their children; however, working mothers, in particular, find it challenging to do so. Given these circumstances, NIVEA wanted to create a platform to provide mothers with the chance to bond with their children in a way that would be beneficial to both mother and child.

NIVEA decided to launch a mobile campaign to engage young mothers in Indonesia who were:

  • Between the ages of 24 and 45
  • Highly mobile-savvy
  • Heavy users of parenting and/or grocery apps and websites

Creative Strategy:

Having understood the behavior of its target audience, NIVEA launched a series of interactive mobile games by combining digital artistry and playpark attractions inspired by a world of imagination. The grand event was a collaborative effort between expert storytellers and an experienced production team that delivered the NIVEA #SentuhanIbu's messaging via a bonding experience for both mothers and children.

An integrated campaign that started off via online channels and ended with offline channels was rolled out. This was strategically amplified with gamified mobile ad units, display banners, television ads, and influencer engagement. With online channels being the first touchpoint for the audience, the aim of this campaign was to engage with its audience online — enough to get them on-board and eventually drive traffic to the physical pop-up event.

Using storytelling to create a hook, NIVEA's mobile ad consisted of a 30-second HD video that emphasized mother-and-child bonding. This ad was then followed by a set of short games that leveraged simple touch and swipe gestures. At the end of the game(s), audiences were directed to a microsite to learn more and purchase a ticket to the pop-up event.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Indonesia is a mobile-first country, and digital is the best channel to reach and engage its mobile-savvy target audience. Given that fact, NIVEA spent 90 percent of its ad budget on digital channels, dividing it into 80 percent for mobile and 10 percent for desktop.

The goal of the pop-adventure park was to stimulate children's imagination through storytelling and a series of activities that engaged different functions of a child's brain. NIVEA ensured that this concept was also brought to its audience via their screens. The interactive mobile ad created a virtual simulation for users to experience the activities on their phones and motivated them to learn more and purchase a ticket to the pop-up event through a microsite they were directed to by the end card.

Mobile Execution:

To ensure that its audience had a successful mobile experience, NIVEA began its ads with a 30-second HD video with no lag. The footage offered a glimpse of the event, providing both the parents and child an idea of what was being offered.

Before the end card was displayed, there were four mini games that customers could choose to play based on their interest and preference. This gamified transition before the end screen set the ad apart from other mobile ads in an engaging way.

These games required only simple actions, such as swiping and tapping, so that anyone could play. Due to its simplicity and interactive nature, the resultant engagement rate and click-through rates were high. The more consumers engaged with the ad, the more interested they became, increasing the chance that they would bring their children to have fun and bond at the physical pop-up event.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Despite its dominance, NIVEA realized that its younger target audience wasn't as engaged with the brand. There was also fierce competition as the marketplace for healthcare, beauty, and wellness products had become more cluttered. As a result, NIVEA wanted to create a strong impact with its #SentuhanIbu campaign to establish meaningful connections with its younger audience.

Compared to previous years of the campaign, impressions rose from 103 million in 2018 to a staggering 1.8 billion in 2019. Video views also increased from 19 million to 27.8 million in 2019.

Mobile executions played a significant part in the success of the campaign. The gamified ad unit recorded 3.6 million impressions, with a video completion rate of 81.1 percent, significantly higher than the industry benchmark of 70.1 percent. Users were highly engaged with an engagement rate of 11.3 percent, far above the industry standard of six percent. The mini games were so engaging that users spent an impressive average of 8.4 seconds with them, compared to the industry benchmark of six seconds.

Overall, the campaign sold 2,916 event tickets and NIVEA achieved a growth of 571 percent for the brand's e-commerce business compared to 2018.

The campaign delivered favorable results for the brand, as demonstrated by insights collected after the event in December 2019. The NIVEA market share increased by 350 bps (base points) compared to just one month before the campaign.

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