Durex: Durex Extreme Launch Campaign


Campaign Summary

Durex was launching a new product, and it needed to connect with condom users between 20 and 44. But the brand could not use traditional TV due to strict regulations. To overcome this challenge, Durex ran an addressable TV campaign. Another element of the campaign was a partnership with the network BeinSports, which allowed Durex to run its ads on select BeinSports programs and its app.


Objective and Context:

As the leading condom brand, Durex needed to appeal both genders with its new product. The biggest challenge faced was the strict regulations for the category on broadcast TV. Addressable TV was used in order to reach the target audience and build awareness for the new product.

Target Audience:

The target audience was condom users ages 20 to 44.

Creative Strategy:

Since the brand faced strict regulations on broadcast TV, Durex used the power of addressable TV to execute this campaign. It ran its ads when couples on TV moved to their bedrooms, and in some cases, even showing the on-screen couple in their bedrooms during the commercial break in the creative execution.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The total campaign budget was two million Turkish Lira, and 60 percent of campaign budget was allocated to mobile.

Mobile Execution:

Thanks to a partnership with BeinSports, Durex could air its ads during Derby matches and sports programs on both TV and the Bein mobile app.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign achieved its objectives and goals. It was the most search volume generating campaign in the last three years with 32 million targets reached, 115 million impressions made, and 24 million views. Durex scored 35 percent over benchmark in ad recall and viewability. The brand's market share increased 11 percent. By using Bein Mobile app, Durex could leverage location-based targeting which was the most innovative part the campaign.

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