JBS AdapTable Meals: JBS AdapTable Meals 2020 Mobile Advertising Campaign


Campaign Summary

JBS AdapTable Meals' ran a mixture of cross-device display, rich media, and video to raise awareness of AdapTable Meals and encourage visits to grocers selling them.


Objective and Context:

As consumers seek convenience but want to prepare home-cooked meals for their families, the ready-to-cook meal market is exploding. With the rise of in-store options and meal kit delivery services (e.g., HelloFresh and Blue Apron), there are many new competitors looking to grow. Established brands are also looking to maintain and grow market share.

The flood of new competitors and the rise in-home dining present challenges that JBS Foods is proactively trying to solve. Given these challenges, driving grocery store visitation and gaining mindshare among current and prospective customers was a huge priority from a marketing perspective.

The strategic objective of the JBS Foods AdapTable Meals 2020 Mobile Advertising Campaign was two-fold: to drive awareness of JBS AdapTable Meals and to encourage visitation to grocers selling JBS AdapTable Meals in target markets.

Target Audience:

The target audience was adults between the ages of 25 and 54 that were married (or had a partner) had one or more kids, and had a household income of $80,000 or more. The core JBS AdapTable Meals target audience was busy individuals who were looking for a little help in the kitchen to deliver a home-cooked meal that were convenient and tasted great.

Creative Strategy:

The media strategy ran a mixture of cross-device display, rich media, and video to raise awareness and encourage visitation of JBS AdapTable Meals' grocers.

The campaign used dynamic distance display banners to drive visitation. These units dynamically show the distance to the nearest JBS AdapTable Meals grocer location based on the individual's current location. The banners also featured flashing menu examples and links to the JBS Foods AdapTable Meals website where consumers could gain meal inspiration, get coupons, follow social channels, and sign up for newsletters.

With the effort to increase awareness in mind, the campaign tapped the power of cross-device rich media expandable units and video. The rich media units featured an interactive product carousel and dynamic map functionality to show the nearest JBS AdapTable Meals grocery location with directions and store information.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The campaign used advanced machine learning to drive real-world actions for JBS Foods, employing a three-pronged strategy to drive customers to JBS AdapTable Meals grocer locations and increase awareness and lift for the AdapTable Meals brand.

Capitalizing on a machine learning platform and a team of data scientists, the campaign created custom foot traffic models which were optimized to drive in-store visitation. These custom audience models were designed to reach the consumers most likely to visit a JBS AdapTable Meals grocer location based on geographic and demographic parameters. Care was taken to measure the campaign impact on verified visits.

Mobile Execution:

The data available via mobile played a huge role in the overall targeting of the campaign as well as in the creative execution. The campaigns location-targeting used validated GPS signals derived directly from a consumer's device. This allowed the campaign to target GPS latitude/longitude data down to five decimal places — equivalent to a five-foot radius of accuracy. Thanks to this granularity, the campaign was able to match location-based data and run predictive location targeting to serve ads to audience members who were in certain locations in real time and had high predictive scores to take certain actions. This allowed JBS Foods to reach the right audience within targeting parameters at the right time and at scale.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Various metrics indicated that the campaign was successful in driving visits to JBS AdapTable Meals grocers as well as in raising brand awareness.

Visitation Lift

The campaign achieved:

  • 18.43 percent visitation lift in tier one markets
  • 16.77 percent visitation lift in tier two markets

Brand Lift

The campaign achieved:

  • 104 percent lift in mobile ad recall

Rich Media

The campaign was responsible for:

  • Achieving a 15.56 percent engagement rate, outperforming the industry benchmark by 66.6 percent
  • Inducing an average of 9.2 seconds time spent with an ad, outperforming the industry benchmark of eight seconds


The campaign achieved:

  • An 87.24 percent video completion rate (VCR), which outperformed the 80 percent VCR benchmark

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