Meesho: When Women Joined Hands to Break Social Shackles


Campaign Summary

Social commerce platform Meesho used contextual ads to build a value-driven user acquisition program to drive social commerce and empower the aspirational women of India.


Objective and Context:

Female leaders in India, such as Upasana Taku, Chitra Gurnani, and Ankita Gaba, have significantly contributed to the nation's growth and have redefined entrepreneurship. However, a large subset of the female population still lacks financial independence because of stereotypes and social barriers and biases.

The campaign was measured in three ways:

  • Lead generation: The number of women connected with Meesho
  • Transactions: The increase in business for new entrepreneurs
  • Efficiency: The increase in orders per user connected with Meesho over a six-month period

Target Audience:

This target audience was women between the ages of 25 and 45 who lived in various cities throughout India and had an affinity to start an online business.

Creative Strategy:

Meesho created personalized advertising for different geographic regions, with the creative elements run in the regional languages, such as Hindi, Bengali, and Marathi. The messaging focused on what female entrepreneurs would gain once they joined the Meesho program and featured language that communicated aspiration, focus, and making dreams come true. Meesho A/B-tested and optimized the banner ads throughout the campaign.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Meesho's data management platform (DMP) used affinity-based targeting to identify relevant audiences based on interests, such as those who:

  • Read about business online
  • Read about starting a business
  • Were interested in e-commerce and online payments

App Store data, including reviews, ratings, and category preferences, helped refine the audience profiling. This helped focus on the relevant audiences who had a higher proclivity to join the program. Programmatic and network-based user acquisition were combined to increase the scale of campaign's reach and ensure a relevant ad was shown to the correct user, which helped achieve a high ROI.

Meesho's algorithms continuously monitored inventory across more than 25 exchanges while delivering more than one billion impressions, which ensured fraud-free user acquisitions. Any possible infected inventories were removed before the ads could be delivered on them. And because the ad delivery was optimized and personalized to each user's device, Meesho drove higher click-through rates and conversions.

Mobile Execution:

Meesho knew that to attract female entrepreneurs, it would need to understand mobile consumption patterns across various cities and age groups. Research indicated that these aspirational women spend a large amount of time on mobile devices, which led to the decision to dedicate the entire campaign budget to mobile.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign succeeded in generating a relevant customer base and driving lead generation and transactions. During the six-month campaign period:

  • More than 1.2 million entrepreneurs joined Meesho.
  • There was 117 percent increase in transactions month over month
  • Orders per user increased by 700 percent.

Meesho became the first Indian company funded by Facebook, which continued the social commerce revolution throughout the country.

Categories: Lead Generation/DR/Conversion | Industries: Technology | Objectives: Lead Generation/DR/Conversion | Awards: X Gold Winner