Samsung Galaxy S9: The Dodo x Samsung Slow-Mo


Campaign Summary

Samsung partnered with The Dodo, a top mobile publisher of animal-related content, to host the "Best Dog Day Ever" and showcase the camera capabilities of the new Samsung Galaxy S9. More than 1,400 guests and their dogs attended the event, during which the humans could try the Galaxy S9 and the dogs could enjoy several fun activities.


Objective and Context:

The goal of the partnership between The Dodo and Samsung was to give consumers the chance to experiment with the Galaxy S9's slow-motion functionality in real life.

Target Audience:

Samsung targeted female millennial consumers on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat.

Creative Strategy:

Samsung wanted to show off the capabilities of its new phone, specifically its slow-motion video functionality. It knew that pet owners love to take video of their pets, so the campaign was geared around the idea that filming everyday encounters with pets becomes something epic when captured in slow motion.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Samsung invited dog owners to attend The Dodo's first experiential event, "Best Dog Day Ever." The event was held in New York City's Tribeca neighborhood, which is known for being dog- and family-friendly. Attendees were invited to use the Galaxy S9 to capture adorable pet moments, such as dogs eating ice cream, visiting a pet spa, or playing in a pool. The total campaign budget was $2.5 million.

Mobile Execution:

Samsung created video content for The Dodo's mobile site showcasing the Galaxy S9's features. The videos were made to look as though animals were teaching human viewers how to use the Galaxy S9.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The Dodo and Samsung S9 campaign generated widespread positive sentiment. Consumers viewed more than 10 million minutes of video on Facebook and more than three million minutes of video on Instagram. The campaign also earned Samsung:

  • 135 million impressions
  • More than four million engagements
  • More than 55 million video views
  • 130,00 video shares

Categories: Mobile Video | Industries: Consumer Electronics, Telecommunications | Objectives: Mobile Video | Awards: NA Silver Winner