Mirinda: Mirinda — Laugh the Grudge Away for Tet


Campaign Summary

Mirinda, a Vietnamese soft drink, wanted to increase consumption and enhance national morale during the holiday of Tet, so it created an original song and music video. The positivity portrayed in the song was meant to remind people to put aside feelings of resentment during Tet and embrace the potential of the new year.


Objective and Context:

The Mirinda brand is linked to Tet, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year, a time of great celebration in Vietnam. In 2018, the brand wanted to combat the nearly constant negativity portrayed in the media with the joyfulness associated with Tet while increasing consumption of Mirinda.

Target Audience:

In the past, Mirinda's core audience was teenagers, ages 13 to 17. However, for this campaign, Mirinda also reached out to moms, who generally do the shopping for Tet celebrations.

Creative Strategy:

The campaign's goal was to portray Mirinda as a problem solver, a drink that everyone could enjoy during Tet, even if they had disagreements. The campaign also strove to find the humor in many conflicts and make old grudges seems trivial when compared to the excitement and promise of Tet. It hoped to create viral moments of reconciliation with the hashtag #LaughAwayTheGrudgeWithMirinda.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The brand created an original song and music video called "Laugh Away The Grudge for Tet with Mirinda," featuring common, real-life conflicts that everyone could relate to. The conflicts were portrayed in a humorous manner and Mirinda was the key to resolving the disputes.

Mobile Execution:

The video was promoted on YouTube and Facebook, with emphasis on YouTube's keyword search for mobile video ads.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Mirinda's music video was viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube and Facebook and became the No. 1 song in Vietnam. As a result of this campaign, Mirinda is now the most consumed non-cola soft drink in Vietnam.

Categories: Mobile Social | Industries: Food, Beverage, Tobacco, Consumer Packaged Goods | Objectives: Mobile Social | Awards: X Silver Winner