Biti’s Kid: Biti’s Smart — A Shoe Can Make Kids Smarter!


Campaign Summary

Biti's Kid shared how it developed a mobile app that allowed parents to track their children's activity levels to promote healthy lifestyles.


Objective and Context:

Most Vietnamese parents emphasize the importance of studying to their children. They have their kids sitting on the school bench, on after-school class chairs, and back at home in chairs finishing their homework. Just like that, most of Vietnamese kids' childhood is spent sitting, despite the fact that physical activity has been recommended for holistic development. Most Vietnamese parents still are slow to let their children partake in physical activity.

As a result of this situation, more than 90 percent of students are reported to have suffered from mental disorder because of study pressure. In this context, Biti's Kids had the opportunity to affirm its position as market leader and enhance brand love as a brand with the purpose of promoting Vietnamese kids' happy childhood.

By helping Vietnamese kids to pursue more active lifestyles, the national footwear brand could deliver on its promise of cultivating kids' happy childhood.

Target Audience:

The target audience was Vietnamese parents who have kids five- to 12-years-old and who care about children's development. They know physical activities are good for their kids' thorough development, but they prioritize studying.

Creative Strategy:

Scientists worldwide have proven that physical activity is positive for our brains, leading to faster information processing, better memory, and more creative potential.

With this in mind, Biti’s:

  • Strove to reveal the fact that physical activity can exert a positive transformative influence on the brain
  • Identified the optimal physical activity time for Vietnamese kids through a one-year research partnership with the National Institute of Education and People Development
  • Created a pair of shoes that it claimed could make kids smarter


Overall Campaign Execution:

Biti’s used its research to develop Biti’s Smart, an ecosystem of footwear for kids and a mobile app for their parents. Then the brand launched a nationwide campaign to get all Vietnamese parents on board with the Biti’s mission.

This campaign used:

  • A press conference and PR to promote childhood physical activity to the news media, parents, and parental opinion leaders
  • On-ground activations that let parents and kids experience the brand’s innovation first-hand

Mobile Execution:

The mobile app gathers and processes kids' data, then shows parents how active their kids are and should be.

Since the contents of the brand's strategic communication, including social media, were mostly on mobile, Biti's followed every step of consumers' journey on mobile to optimize engagements. In addition, PR was distributed on mobile through social media using key opinion leaders, micro-influencers, and parenting forums on Facebook. Mobile contents and live-streaming were maximized to cover parents' news feed on peak mobile timeframes of the day.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign was responsible for:

  • Over 10,000,000 media impressions, with more than 200 earned mentions in the national news
  • Over 7,000,000 interactions with Vietnamese parents on social media. Most comments expressed amazement at Biti’s Smart and 100 percent expressed purchase intent.
  • Over 200,000 families encountering Biti’s Smart first-hand at on-the-ground activations
  • A growth rate of over 40 percent in Biti’s Kid sports shoes year over year in 2018, while Biti’s Kids itself grew over 20 percent in 2018

Categories: Brand Awareness, Innovation | Industries: Apparel, Footwear | Objectives: Brand Awareness, Innovation | Awards: X Gold Winner, X Silver Winner

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