Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola Fan Feat


Campaign Summary

Coca-Cola used music to connect with Brazil’s youth. The brand invited its target audience to vote for their favorite music artists over the course of three months, and the three artists with the most votes co-created a song, music video, and live concert. The campaign was supported by content on a variety of social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.


Objective and Context:

As consumers shifted away from sugary products and the soft drink market declined, Coca-Cola needed to reclaim its place in the lives of Brazil’s youth. The brand was challenged to draw young people to the category and increase sales.

Coca-Cola understood that music is a passion point among its target demographic, so it decided to leverage musicians as part of its campaign. By bringing together nine of Brazil’s biggest music artists, Coca-Cola could connect with the artists’ fandoms and increased the brand’s relevance among young Brazilians.

Target Audience:

Brazilians between the ages of 12 and 24.

Creative Strategy:

Coca-Cola created a competition for music fans called “Coca-Cola FanFeat.” In the competition, Brazil’s top nine music artists competed for fan votes. The three artists with the highest number of votes would record a single, shoot a music video, and perform in a concert together.

Because the target demographic spends the majority of their time on mobile phones, Coca-Cola wanted to promote the idea that consumers could spend their summers with a Coke in one hand and their mobile phone in the other.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Coca-Cola invited music fans to show support for their idols by voting for their favorites. Fans could vote by taking a picture of a Coke product with their mobile phone and submitting it to the contest.

Throughout the three-month voting period, the artists used Instagram Stories to share exclusive content about the campaign and their participation, to encourage fans to vote for them, and to engage their followers. The artists’ popularity and recruitment power helped promote the campaign.

Mobile Execution:

Music fans engaged with the brand across a variety of touchpoints and platforms all through their mobile devices. These touchpoints included a Snapchat filter, themed Spotify playlists, media on Shazam, and exclusive Facebook content such as lyric videos, backstage pictures, interviews, and music clips.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

  • 14 percent more Coke cans sold vs. previous year
  • Three million votes were cast
  • The custom Snapchat filter had 7.6 million uses, 2.3 million unique users, and 174,000 shares

Categories: Promotion, Brand Awareness | Industries: Food & Beverage | Objectives: Promotion, Brand Awareness | Awards: Silver Global Winner, Bronze Global Winner

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