T-Mobile: T-Mobile Tuesdays

Campaign Summary

T-Mobile wanted to thank its customers by offering a loyalty program they could get excited about. It launched T-Mobile Tuesdays, giving customers prizes from their favorite brands each week. T-Mobile leveraged social media and a partnership with producer and radio personality DJ Khaled to spread awareness. More than 80 million customers participated in the weekly loyalty program, and T-Mobile saw an increase in customer satisfaction.


Objective and Context:

T-Mobile wanted to shake up the wireless industry. The company was unsatisfied with the way mobile customers were treated and wanted to show them gratitude. It created a loyalty program that would result in actual loyal customers.

Target Audience:

T-Mobile tailored its campaign toward the interest and aspirations of millennial consumers.

Creative Strategy:

T-Mobile’s creative strategy stemmed from its insight that most consumers don’t like or trust loyalty programs. The company launched T-Mobile Tuesdays, a loyalty program with no loopholes or traps that could lead customers to spend money they didn’t anticipate spending. T-Mobile gave customers prizes from their favorite brands every Tuesday. The company constantly changed and adapted to trends and pop culture to please everyone in its target audience. T-Mobile leveraged its social channels and created mobile banners and videos to spread awareness of its campaign. It also partnered with producer and radio personality DJ Khaled to foster an honest and believable connection its customers.


Overall Campaign Execution:

T-Mobile’s loyalty program was accessible through its mobile app, giving all of its customers easy access to T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards. By running a mobile-focused campaign, the company was able to update its app every week, insert itself at the intersection of technology and pop culture, and allow it to speak to customers on a regular basis.

Mobile Execution:

T-Mobile’s app provided flexibility with customer redemption methods.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

T-Mobile measured its success through three different categories: customer happiness, customer engagement, and business impact. More than 80 million customers participated in T-Mobile Tuesdays and the campaign generated 15 million downloads and 41 million prize redemptions. T-Mobile saw an increase in customer satisfaction and an increase in the likelihood of its customers to both continue with and recommend its services.

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