AIA Korea: Mother’s First Song

Campaign Summary

AIA is an insurance company with a vision to help people not to give up on their dreams. Together with the agency Creamunion, the brand created a two-part video series, detailing how the brand helped a mother with a speech disability sing to her daughter for the very first time.


Objective and Context:

AIA Life Insurance Group is the main sponsor for the TV show Superstar K7. Drawing from the show's official slogan of "Real Miracles Never Stop," AIA wanted to find a way to perform a real miracle using the power of music and emphasizing the brand's commitment to helping people achieve their dreams. In partnership with Creamunion, the brand created a solution for a mother who had a speech disability and enabled her to fulfill her dream of singing "Happy Birthday" to her daughter.

Target Audience:

For the first part of the campaign, AIA reached out with Eunju Kim's story to women over 18 years of age who had bios similar to Kim's, asking them to donate their voice by singing happy birthday on their mobile phones and sending it in. During second phase, AIA used Facebook's advanced targeting features to reach out to viewers.

Creative Strategy:

The process began with building a voice profile for the mom. The response was overwhelming, with over 10,000 voice donations. After narrowing the search to 36 potential matches, AIA found the perfect voice. Using this voice, the brand created a one-of-a-kind device that converted Kim's sign language gestures into words. The brand also employed a sound engineer to develop a vocal library that matched the gestures the device captured from the motion sensor, and an otolaryngologist to provide vocal training. Using this device, Kim was able to miraculously sing on her daughter's birthday for the very first time.


Mobile Execution:

AIA used a mobile platform to garner voice donations and share the heartwarming result of its efforts. Since the voice donations were the most important element of the campaign, the brand chose Facebook as the main platform because of its targeting technology. Through this platform, AIA was able to reach out to women with similar profiles to Kim in a very efficient way, which allowed the brand to connect with them on an emotional level and prompt them to donate their voices and share the results of AIA's efforts with their followers.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

AIA received 10,000 voice donations from viewers and garnered more than 12 million views on YouTube and Facebook, including 89,000 likes, 13,000 shares, and 8,000 positive comments. The campaign also drew a lot of media attention from PR sites such as Fuji TV, PR Week, Campaign Asia, and Branding in Asia, along with a Japanese TV station that broadcast the video on their show. Overall, it resulted in an 89 percent increase in top-of-mind awareness and a 14 percent lift in brand awareness.

The Facebook Brand Effect Study found that recall of ads for AIA Life's "Mother's First Song" increased significantly. The exposed group showed 12 percent more ad recall than control group, and the recall was consistent across demographics, with lift being the highest among women.

Most importantly, AIA is the final stages of fine-tuning this device for public consumption to help those with speech and hearing impediments communicate with their loved ones.

Categories: Innovation | Industries: Insurance | Objectives: Innovation | Awards: Gold Winner