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Thursday, August 13, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm WIB

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Friday, May 8, 2020 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm IST

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Why local search is more than just Google My Business

You won’t be surprised to learn that Google is essentially a monopoly in local search, controlling up to 95% of search traffic in certain verticals. That makes the search giant a critically important source of revenue for local businesses and enterprise brands with distributed local footprints.

Google Year in Search Report - India

What Google Search Told Us About User Behavior Online in India


Spurred by affordable data and smartphones, India is coming online at an unprecedented pace. It’s estimated that by 2020, more than 650M people in India—double the population of the United States—will be connected to the internet.1 As more and more people in India discover the internet and its applications, it's fast weaving into the fabric of everyday life—and a significant portion of the online population is turning to search to look for information and to find answers.

Spanning 11 verticals, the annual Year in Search India report delves into consumer behaviors to uncover what’s top of mind for them and the implications this has for marketers. To find out more download the report. 



Year In Search Report

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Engineering Jedi: Dots, New in Android O

Though somehow missed in the Android O keynote, a big change coming to the Android O launcher is a new feature named “Dots.” From the user’s home screen, each icon can now create an icon notification. The user can access these notifications by long-pressing an icon with a dot on their home screen as seen in the following GIF.

Think with Google - An Inside Look at Google's Marketing and Media Strategy

Just published on Think with Google - The goals of marketing, from growing awareness to driving sales, change with every campaign, but fundamentally, marketers everywhere share the same objectives. Marketing teams at Google are no different, says Meg Biron, media technologies manager at Google's Media Lab.

How Google Is Transforming the Mobile Landscape

How Google is transforming the mobile landscape

Google: With an optimised mobile site and a mobile ad campaign, Autoglass significantly boosts mobile bookings, app downloads and traffic

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Google Play Store and Mobile-Optimised Site

By running mobile-specific ads that worked in combination with their new mobile-optimised site, Autoglass and SMG recorded high returns. Specifically a high volume of app downloads since initiating its app promotion activity with over 4,000 app downloads in 10 months through a combination of click-to-download supplementary ads and activity on apps within the Google Display Network through AdWords.

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Google Play Store and Mobile-Optimised Site
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