Sudeep Lahiri | MMA
Sudeep Lahiri
Marketing Director

Sudeep has more than 15 years of experience in leading big brands in the CPG industry across India & APAC. He currently leads a young bunch of passionate Marketing & Product Innovation teams across both the Baby care & Fem care sectors for Kimberly Clark in Vietnam. He very strongly believes in the power of brands & innovation, and the power it holds to transform the lives of consumers while creating value for the firm. Over the course of these years, he has had the good fortune of crafting multiple turnarounds and growing share in tough competitive contexts. His work also has also been recognized through numerous marketing & advertising effectiveness awards across APAC. On holidays - he usualy breaks his bank travelling to wildlife sanctuaries across the world as he is a passionate (but amateur) wildlife photographer trying to document the last remaining wildlife in this world.