Phong Cao (Perry) | MMA
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Marketer Support Hub
Phong Cao (Perry)
Head of Digital

- Strategising all Digital Marketing Campaigns;
- Planning and guiding employees / team members to implement campaign with tactical and optimising activities via platforms to conquer the highest cost efficiency and high ROI;
- Building up Digital Team with 3 main structures: Digital Media Innovation, Digital Content Innovation and Digital Platform Engagement;
- Consulting the company in regards to the Digital activities to exceed the expectation of digital metrics and sales's performances;
- Mastering the Brand-Awareness Campaigns and Performance (Date-Driven) Campaigns;
- Fluently using Google Marketing Platform (all types of programmatic buying, trafficking), Facebook Business, PPC, Google Analytics, comScore, Digimind, e-Marketer, Euromonitor, GlobalWebIndex, SEO, SEMRush, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Third Party Tracking, etc.
- Training platforms and tools to all team members;
- Leading creative & innovation in both content & media;
- Working with both international & local partners to co-operate for branding campaigns;
- Implementing all beta and specially tailored functions from Digital Partners, offering for whitelisted clients;
- Managing & Training 5 digital specialists, functioning within Paid media, Content and Platforms;
- All activities are complete In-House, no Agencies hired.