Nguyen Minh Dang | MMA
Nguyen Minh Dang
Managing Director
IMAS Marketing Partner

Dang Nguyen is chairwoman of IMAS Marketing Partner. IMAS is an Authentic Marketing Partner that accompany to transform the businesses for the digital age. IMAS is an exclusive partner in Vietnam of the GO Group, Asia's largest independent PR network, which partners spread across the Asia Pacific region. Dang is an pioneer of marketing industry that highlight the first authentic marketing partner. She is also a chairwoman of ProSelf Angel - the organization that support improving the quality of entrepreneurship ecosystems globally. She join the startup ecosystem as an expert, consultant, advisor of regional and global fund/startup. 

As passionate personal development coach, she would love to develop human-centric solution, self-leadership coaching and zen program. With her, awaken inner leadership is the mission and doing business is the wonderful tool. Her motto is ProSelf spirit: "Be the light unto yourself".