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Cuong Nguyen
Associate Marketing Director

“With more than 6 years of experiences cultivating in both agency and client sides, ranged from International MNCs to Local Corporate, Cuong Nguyen has proven as a Growth-oriented & Innovation-led marketer. He started his career as an Associate Planner at Redder Advertising, then continued his first years of career at Samsung (handling marketing for the home appliance category) and Mirinda (one of key CSD Brands of Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam). In 2016, he was successful as the fastest-tracked promoted Brand Manager of Aquafina. In 2017, he made a surprising turn to become Group Brand Manager of Biti's Hunter and together with team achieved a phenomenal 2018 of tripling business value as well as winning many prestigious Marketing & Advertising Awards.

Currently, he holds the position of Associate Marketing Director, overseeing Biti's key portfolio (Biti's Hunter - Biti's Kids - Biti's Women), Partnership Marketing and Overseas Market development.

During his time in Samsung, Suntory PepsiCo and now at Biti’s, he’s played an important role in driving the brand significant growth, in delivering Brand/Product Innovation and won 4 awards at Asia Marketing Effectiveness Awards (AMES) & PR Asia Awards, 2 Smarties Vietnam Awards, 5 shortlists at the Smarties APAC & Vietnam, 2 Youtube Ad Leaderboards APAC and most recently 2 Youtube Works Awards 2019.”